10 Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

The ability to stimulate the thyroid gland

Studies have shown that coconut oil contains a lot of medium-chain fatty acids, which promote metabolism in the body to produce abundant energy rather than accumulate excess fat,

Lower blood cholesterol

Coconut oil is rich lauric acid - An acid that protects our cardiovascular health by reducing total cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol in our body.

Help maintain blood sugar levels - control diabetes

Coconut oil helps to limit the production of insulin in the blood, instead, it helps support sugar control in the machine by improving the secretion of insulin. Note: That doesn't mean you are free to eat a lot of sugar and some other starchy foods.
Coconut oil is good for diabetes

The less absorbed digestive system

Combining the vitamin E supplement in coconut oil to improve the skin, improve the absorption of food in the digestive system, coconut oil is also used in some remedies for poorly absorbed gastrointestinal diseases.

Support the weight loss process

As a fat, coconut oil can really help you lose weight! As for health, the average fatty acid chain does not go through the blood circulation process like other types of fat, but is taken directly to the liver and converted into energy. Therefore, the fat in coconut oil is not stored to create fat, but it is used to produce energy immediately for the body.

Killing parasitic bacteria

Coconut oil has a lot of caprylic acid - known as a remedy of bacteria living in excess parasites in the body, harmful to human health.

Destroying harmful bacteria

Immune system support

Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, nutrients that help the body better immunity.

Reduce cardiovascular diseases

Human studies on the Pacific Island have shown that the total calories they consume, including 30-60 from coconut oil products, are maximized. People on this Pacific island have almost no heart disease.
Better care and protection of the brain: Studies have shown that coconut oil improves the cognitive ability of the brain and the parts are even better reflexes, improve a number of neurological diseases in the period. the beginning.

Good for the skin

When applied to the outside skin, it is more like an extra layer of skin protection. Moreover, the oil helps to heal open wounds quickly, eliminating bruises by providing additional moisture to the skin, stimulating the production of collagen that binds the skin.

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