Cordyceps is considered a "super" medicinal mushroom perfect combination between animals and plants. Currently, many countries have successfully cultured cordyceps to replace the natural cordyceps growing on the Tibetan plateaus of the rugged Himalayan mountains. Australia is also home to many delicate products from cordyceps grown by this country itself. In this article, Linh Chi Nong Lam wants to share with you 5 things to know about Australian cordyceps. If you are also interested in medicinal mushrooms and its products, do not hurry to skip the following article.

1. What is Cordyceps in Australia?

Australian cordyceps is considered as one of the medicinal herbs that brings many benefits to users. Australia's cordyceps origin is the parasitic fungus on the body of an insect.

It is known that cordyceps in Australia has both natural and artificial varieties. However, natural cordyceps are scarce, so experts and technicians in Australia only get natural seeds to deploy artificial mushroom farming.

Australian cordyceps is a medicine that brings many benefits to users
Australian cordyceps is a medicine that brings many benefits to users 

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2. The use of Australian cordyceps medicinal mushroom

According to scientists' research, cordyceps mushrooms in Australia have the same effect as natural medicinal mushrooms from Tibet. Currently, cordyceps Australia is announced to have specific effects on health such as:

  • Improve physiological health

Using Australian cordyceps helps improve physiological function in both men and women. Men who have sperm, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction can all be treated with Australian cordyceps.

  • Improve blood circulation

Australian cordyceps have many pharmaceutical ingredients that help improve the blood circulation. People with disorders of blood circulation. Since then, cordyceps users can prevent heart disease and angina.

  • Protect liver, kidney and lung cells

Due to unhealthy diet and daily activities, the liver, kidneys and lungs are vulnerable. Over time, it affects the functioning of these organs and leaves many dangerous diseases. After using the cordyceps in Australia, liver, kidney and lung diseases gradually improved.

Using cordyceps helps protect liver, kidney and lung cells
Using cordyceps helps protect liver, kidney and lung cells
  • Improve the immune system, enhance resistance

When using cordyceps in Australia, the immune system will be restored, improved and maintained at the most stable level. The resistance of cordyceps users has also gradually improved.

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3. What types of Australian cordyceps are there?

Currently on the market, cordyceps in Australia are often available as functional foods for users' convenience. You can easily buy Australian cordyceps in powder, liquid, or capsule form in shops or buy notebooks from Australia. However, the cost of Australian cordyceps when coming to Vietnam is not cheap, making many users who want to buy cordyceps have to consider.

4. Can Vietnamese cordyceps be used instead of Australian cordyceps?

Cordyceps in Vietnam is a medicinal mushroom grown artificially in a greenhouse with technical requirements. Currently, cordyceps mushrooms in Vietnam have been researched and clearly identified about medicinal properties. Scientists have affirmed that in Vietnamese cordyceps is full of nutrients not inferior to natural cordyceps in Tibet.

Cordyceps in Vietnam is also considered a medicinal product with good medicinal properties
Cordyceps in Vietnam is also considered a medicinal product with good medicinal properties

The price of cordyceps in Vietnam is currently quite affordable, suitable for all users. Cordyceps price in Vietnam currently ranges from 60 - 120 million VND / kg. In particular, Vietnamese cordyceps on the market are sold in many different forms such as fresh, dried whole, powder, water, capsule, pre-distillate and other medicinal herbs.

The use of Vietnamese cordyceps gives users a health benefit and is quite benign. However, whether it is the cordyceps in Vietnam or Australia, it is still necessary to follow a certain number of principles to fully utilize the cordyceps.

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5. Where to buy high quality Vietnamese cordyceps?

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