Cordyceps is a precious medicinal herbs very good for health. People use cordyceps in treating diseases, fostering health, improving skin. There are many ways to prepare this medicine, but honey-soaked cordyceps is always the first choice.

However, the cure is good to the beginning, but users do not really understand it, when used, it is also easy to encounter unwanted accidents. Today's post, Ganoderma will share to you 4 things to know about cordyceps in honey. You can follow the following article to learn more about this precious remedy.

1. Why combine cordyceps with honey?

It can be said that cordyceps is a wonderful gift that nature offers to humans. The unique combination of animals and plants gives Cordyceps special properties, unique.

On the other hand, honey is a naturally derived food with a refreshing sweetness. Scientists have researched and found that honey has many effective antioxidant and antibacterial ingredients.

Cordyceps is a precious gift for nature

Cordyceps is a precious gift for nature

The combination of cordyceps and honey is not accidental, so that the sweetness of honey makes them easier to eat. This is a traditional remedy that has been used for a long time by the ancient emperors to nourish the body and treat diseases. Nowadays, as medicine develops, modern studies have shown that the combination of honey and cordyceps is absolutely right.

These two components, when combined into one, will create a specific remedy used to treat cough, pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis. It is also one of the most effective skin care products, preventing and slowing down the aging process from the inside.

Cordyceps soaked with honey

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The great uses of cordyceps soaked honey:

+ Support cancer treatment, prevent metastatic cancer cells, reduce tumor size development.

+ Promote the immune system to work more effectively, improve the body's ability to self-cure, fight off viruses and bacteria.

+ Reducing and regulating blood cholesterol levels, preventing blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

+ Participate in treatment of lung, liver and kidney diseases.

+ Limit complications of atherosclerosis.

2. How to use cordyceps soaked in honey?

Although cordyceps soaked honey is good for the body, benign and does not leave side effects or allergies. However, if using cordyceps honey is not in the right dosage, the cure results are not guaranteed, even backfire.

To use cordyceps soaked in honey, people will rely on age, health status to make the appropriate dose.

People who use this remedy can be sick people, old people with poor health, and people with physical weakness.

For those who do not use cordyceps honey to treat disease. You can also apply this medicine to beautify your skin and improve your health.

Dosage depends on the user

Dosage depends on the user

However, both cordyceps and honey are hot, people with hot surfaces should consult their doctor to know whether or not to use and how much. Herbal remedy cordyceps soaked honey not for children under 13 years old.

3. Can cordyceps honey be processed at home?

How to prepare cordyceps soaked honey is not too complicated, you can make at home. The ingredients you need to prepare are:

+ 100g cordyceps.

+ 1 liter of pure honey.

+ 1 glass jar containing all the 2 ingredients.

Ways to get a jar of cordyceps soaked in quality honey are:

+ You need to bring all raw materials to preliminary processing, then drain.

+ You put all cordyceps in a glass vase. Then proceed to pour the honey so that the whole cordyceps.

+ You need to keep the bottle tightly closed, in a cool place and do not have direct sunlight. Cordyceps soaked in honey after about 1 week can be used.

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4. Where to buy cordyceps good?

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