Our folk believe that anything from outside nature is of better quality than artificial products. Cordyceps is one of the medicinal mushrooms known to many people for their use in treating panacea. So many people hunt for cordyceps for natural use. Today, Linh Chi Nong Lam wants to share with you 4 things to know about natural organic cordyceps. The information below brings a lot of useful things for you, so do not hurry to skip this article.

1. Where does organic natural cordyceps come from?

Natural cordyceps mushroom is a perfect combination of animals and plants, the crystallization of the heaven and earth and also a priceless gift that nature offers.

Natural Cordyceps is known for its origin in the Tibetan Plateau, where the year-round is covered by cold air, rugged hills.

Tibetan cordyceps are prized for their quality
Tibetan cordyceps are prized for their quality  

Cordyceps are hidden deep and loose in the form of immature worms into the frozen color. When summer comes, the air gets warmer, and the parasitic fungus on the larvae begins to grow and shoots to the ground.

To harvest natural cordyceps, it takes a lot of effort a year to harvest only once in a fixed time around the end of June and early July.

That is also why natural cordyceps are expensive. Currently, natural cordyceps no longer produce enough to supply the needs of users around the world.

The countries that have resorted to that measure are, go to Tibet to get natural cordyceps. Later, thanks to the advancement of science and biotechnology, an artificial environment similar to the Tibetan nature was created. Experts have assembled and successfully applied artificial cordyceps farming model according to Organic standards.

Organic Cordyceps Organic is not inferior to natural cordyceps
Organic Cordyceps Organic is not inferior to natural cordyceps

Organic Cordyceps although not directly grown, developed and harvested from the Tibetan plateau. However, the quality of products is still guaranteed, the nutrients inside are completely like natural cordyceps.

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2. How many types of natural organic cordyceps?

Currently, Natural Organic Cordyceps grown in enclosed houses have 2 main types, namely:

  • Inoculate fungi on silkworm larvae and let them grow in a natural-like environment.
  • Grafting mushrooms on the medium of a mixture of brown rice flour, silkworm pupae and other powders.

Both types of cordyceps are grown in a greenhouse environment full of elements similar to the outside. In addition, it is dedicated care, thorough inspection and removal of impurities, pest factors of technicians.

Therefore, Organic Cordyceps Organic quality is not inferior to natural cordyceps. Organic Cordyceps Organic price is suitable for many users, not too expensive.

On the market today, cordyceps are divided into many different forms such as: fresh, dried, whole, whole, in powder, tablets, tea bags, water ... Users can depend on their needs and preferences to choose the right cordyceps.

Organic Cordyceps Organic has many forms
Organic Cordyceps Organic has many forms

3. Is natural cordyceps good?

As we have shared above, the scientists affirmed that Organic artificial cordyceps has a medicinal ingredient equivalent to natural medicinal mushrooms. It still gives users full uses such as:

  • Supporting the treatment of physiological health decline in both men and women.
  • Recover damaged liver, kidney and lung cells.
  • Supporting treatment of heart, liver, lung and kidney diseases.
  • Lower blood pressure, maintain blood pressure at a stable level.
  • Regulate blood sugar, reduce cholesterol.
  • Treatment of fatigue, body weakness.
  • Increase resistance, improve immune system.

Although cordyceps is naturally good for health. However, users need to use appropriate doses, do not abuse too much.

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4. Find a reputable cordyceps supplier

On the market today, there are many locations that provide natural Organic Cordyceps. Ganoderma is one of the places where many people appreciate the quality of medicinal mushrooms.

Nong Lam cordyceps have perfect quality
Nong Lam cordyceps have perfect quality

Currently, we offer to users many different forms of cordyceps. You can choose the most suitable cordyceps for your needs. We also have prepared cordyceps for busy people who still want to use cordyceps. Our products have been tested for quality, price is transparent, so you can rest assured to use.

For more information about the product, please visit the website linhchinonglam.com for further advice.

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