Cordyceps Currently, it is a medicinal herb that is trusted by many people around the world. There are many different kinds of cordyceps on the market, but the vast majority of them are dried cordyceps by many methods, mainly cold-drying. What do you know about this dried cordyceps? 5 things to know about cordyceps dried sublimation - cold drying below will help you understand more about the product.

1. Is Cordyceps good?

Since ancient times, people have considered cordyceps as a kind of elixir for health and beauty. However, because the cordyceps in the old days were listed as a rare and expensive drug, only the king could use them.

According to Oriental Medicine, cordyceps is an herb that absorbs the essence of heaven and earth in the cold high mountains. Cordyceps appears only in the summer on the Tibetan plateau at an altitude of 4,000 - 5,000m. The tribes living in this country have been very difficult to collect this expensive cordyceps.

Cordyceps is a rare medicinal material
Cordyceps is a rare medicinal material  

Cordyceps can cure panic, complete rejuvenation and help nourish the body, restore vitality. According to Western medicine research, cordyceps has many rare and precious pharmaceutical ingredients, treats dangerous diseases in humans and maintains health.

The above statements of Eastern and Western medicine are completely grounded, studied and clinically tested. Therefore, cordyceps is considered as one of the more expensive herbs than gold, as a "panacea" for health.

+ Note: 3 Things To Know About Best Cordyceps

2. Why is it necessary to dry cordyceps?

According to what researchers have found, fresh cordyceps keeps 100% of all nutrients and pharmaceuticals in the product. Therefore, the use of fresh cordyceps is the best, bringing high efficiency.

Fresh cordyceps preservation time is not long
Fresh cordyceps preservation time is not long

However, the disadvantage of fresh cordyceps is that it is very difficult to preserve and use time is not long. If users store cordyceps in a refrigerator, the maximum time for herbs to retain their effects is 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, even carefully preserved in a refrigerator, fresh cordyceps will also lose precious pharmaceutical ingredients, even producing toxins. Not only that, the fresh Cordyceps will cause difficulties in the packaging and transportation stage.

The best solution right now that the production units apply is drying cordyceps. Only when dried cordyceps can preserve for a long time, packaging and shipping easier.

3. The advantages of cordyceps when drying sublimation - drying cold

In the process of drying cordyceps, it was discovered that cordyceps met high temperatures, the process of pyrolysis, losing many rare nutrients ,, content is not high.

From there, people began to study and apply the sublimation drying method, also known as cold drying to dry fresh cordyceps.

With the method of cold drying, fresh cordyceps will not be affected by high temperatures and lose essential nutrients inside. According to the evaluation, cordyceps applying sublimation drying method still retains more than 90% pharmaceutical ingredients.

Refrigerated Cordyceps can be used longer
Refrigerated Cordyceps can be used longer

Especially, fresh cordyceps when being refrigerated will not be affected by temperature, not brittle or burnt. Instead, the cordyceps are completely dried but still have certain hardness, not broken, broken due to being too brittle.

Cordyceps applied a freeze-drying method that can be stored and used for more than 1 year. Especially, the transportation and packaging of cordyceps are also simpler.

+ Note: Uses Of Cordyceps

4. Using cordyceps dried sublimation like?

Using freeze-dried cordyceps is quite simple, especially you can diverse ways of processing. You can soak wine, soak honey, cook, brake tea.

 Cordyceps after drying, in addition to the whole, it can be pulverized, processed into tea bags, capsules, ...

5. Where to buy cordyceps dried sublimation?

Vietnamese cordyceps have equivalent good quality Cordyceps Tibet, the price of gas is much cheaper.

Dried cordyceps of Linh Chi Nong Lam
Dried cordyceps of Linh Chi Nong Lam

Present, Ganoderma we are one of the only suppliers to supply quality assurance of lyophilized cordyceps cold-dried artificially. Our cordyceps herbs have been tested for quality, ensuring safety for users.

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