Singapore is also a country that has successfully applied the artificial cordyceps culture model. Cordyceps of Singapore is not inferior to the quality of cordyceps derived from the Tibetan Plateau. Today, in this article Ganoderma will share with you 3 things to know about Singapore cordyceps. Hopefully the information we provide will help you understand more about this medicinal mushroom from Singapore.

1. Origin of Singapore cordyceps

As far as we know, the cordyceps used by Singaporean experts to study and increase the importance of artificial farming also come from the Tibetan Plateau.

Cordyceps in Singapore is also derived from Tibetan cordyceps
Cordyceps in Singapore is also derived from Tibetan cordyceps  

Therefore, the content of pharmaceutical products inside is not inferior to the natural cordyceps of Tibet. Agricultural engineers and biotechnology in Singapore have also studied to create the most natural greenhouse environment possible. Thanks to that, cordyceps develops properly in both output and nutrient content.

The cost of cordyceps in Singapore is also quite high, due to advanced care conditions, standards. At the same time, plus the cost of transporting from Singapore to Vietnam, it takes a lot of time to file papers ... The price of the cordyceps in Singapore when returning to Vietnam is relatively high.

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2. What kinds of Singapore cordyceps are there?

On the Vietnamese market, Singapore cordyceps in its raw form is quite rare. Almost cordyceps are refined into the form of functional foods for users. In particular, Singapore in the form of capsules, liquid or tea bag from Singapore may be pure, or combine many other pharmaceutical benefits.

Cordyceps in Singapore are relatively good quality
Cordyceps in Singapore are relatively good quality

3. The use of Singapore cordyceps

One of Singapore's many advantages is that it is trusted to treat panic. In Singapore artificial cordyceps, there are also rare pharmaceuticals that have the effect of treating diseases like:

  • Support to improve kidney, liver, and lung function, protect cells and prevent related diseases.
  • Helps the heart muscle work effectively, stable circulatory system.
  • Restoring and maintaining the physiological function of people with signs of erectile dysfunction, the quality of sexual life decreases.
  • Support treatment of incurable diseases.
  • Participate in the process of strengthening resistance, improving the immune system to prevent external harmful agents from entering the body.
  • Health recovery for the new sick.

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4. Can we use Vietnamese cordyceps instead?

Currently, our country is famous for artificial cordyceps farming technology. Cordyceps farming model in our country is appreciated for the technical system, strict process.

Cordyceps production of Vietnam standard quality is quite high and uniform. Scientific studies have confirmed that there are many nutrients similar to natural Tibetan cordyceps in Vietnam.

Currently, many customers have switched to using Vietnamese cordyceps, experiencing the wonderful effects of medicinal mushrooms.

Cordyceps in Vietnam also brings the best quality
Cordyceps in Vietnam also brings the best quality

Vietnam cordyceps appears on the market in many different forms, including fresh, dried, ready-made cordyceps or cordyceps ... Depending on the needs and purposes of customers, you can choose from Cordyceps match.

5. How is the selling price of cordyceps in Vietnam?

If compared with the price of natural Tibetan cordyceps, Vietnamese cordyceps mushroom is a lot cheaper. If compared with the price of artificial cordyceps from other countries, Vietnamese cordyceps are much more competitive. Moreover, consumers will not need to spend time searching for sources of cordyceps from countries, paying expensive shipping costs, and waiting time. Meanwhile, the effects of Vietnamese cordyceps on health are excellent.

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6. Where to buy Vietnamese cordyceps?

If you know the effects and cost of cordyceps in Vietnam, ignoring ownership of this medicinal mushroom will be a pity, isn't it?

If you want to buy cordyceps Vietnam standard products, reasonable price. Do not hesitate to contact our Linh Chi Nong Lam. With an unlimited source of goods, the quality is clearly verified and the price is transparent.

Nong Lam cordyceps have perfect quality
Nong Lam cordyceps have perfect quality

We are committed to giving you absolute product satisfaction. Present, Ganoderma providing both cordyceps distillate nest, soaked processed honey and cordyceps capsules. Users can buy for immediate use or as a gift. For those who want to process cordyceps in their own way, you can choose raw cordyceps, remove impurities and freeze drying, and pack thoroughly.

For more information about cordyceps, you can visit the website for further advice.

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