Since it was known Uses of cordyceps You can improve your life, treat cancer. This medicinal mushroom seems to have become the "savior" of many people. However, medicinal herbs are only effective for users if they are of good quality and high quality. Patients using cordyceps "witty" only make the disease worse, people who do not get sick when using "witty" cordyceps will only be like "procession in the body". Today, Ganoderma will share to you 3 things to know about the best cordyceps. Surely with this information, you will know how is cordyceps mushroom "genuine".

Is only cordyceps in Tibet a genuine product?
Is only cordyceps in Tibet a genuine product?  

1. Is Cordyceps in Tibet a genuine product?

Surely anyone who has learned about cordyceps will know, Tibetan cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom derived from 100% from nature, with no impact from humans.

Because of the origin of Tibetan cordyceps makes it like a "panacea". When looking to buy cordyceps, everyone comes to the type of Tibetan origin to buy.

However, you need to note a few issues, to determine whether the Tibetan cordyceps you buy are genuine.

Tibetan cordyceps grow naturally, the rate of occurrence depends on the amount of parasitic fungi on the larvae stem, weather conditions, the environment. Therefore, the number of Tibetan cordyceps is limited, it is not possible to exploit as much as possible. In particular, the exploitation of Tibetan cordyceps is only 1 season in a year, about a few weeks to 1 month. The exploitation process is hard, difficult and not 100%, the amount of cordyceps exploited can be used.

Cordyceps in Tibet are expensive
Cordyceps in Tibet are expensive

The above evidence shows that Tibetan Cordyceps is good, but the yield is not much. Each year, the quantity of Tibetan cordyceps imported to Vietnam is only a few kg.

So, where is the source for merchants to advertise their products as 100% natural cordyceps in the Tibetan Plateau? How can we provide users with a large quantity of Tibetan cordyceps with the quality "please" as they advertise?

Currently, the environment is affected, the weather is heavily affected. Cordyceps in Tibet decreased both in quality and quantity. Meanwhile, the quality of artificial cordyceps is strictly tested. The farming environment is advanced, meets technical standards and very similar to the growing conditions of natural cordyceps. Therefore, the nutrient content of cultivated Cordyceps is not inferior to Tibetan Cordyceps. Therefore, Tibetan cordyceps are not necessarily the best medicinal mushrooms.

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2. Ways to recognize good cordyceps

In Vietnam there are currently 2 types of cordyceps: Cordyceps larvae and biomass cordyceps.

To identify good Vietnamese cordyceps, you can rely on:

  • Shape

+ With silkworm cocoon cordyceps, stem and nymphs are seamlessly connected together, without joints.

+ With biomass cordyceps, the upper fruiting body has many different stretching shapes, due to the natural growth rather than being formed from flour.

  • Fragrant

The flavor of true Vietnamese cordyceps will have the same aroma as that of straw mushrooms. When you smell carefully, you will feel the fishy smell similar to shiitake mushrooms.

Genuine cordyceps have a pleasant fragrance
Genuine cordyceps have a pleasant fragrance
  • Feeling through touch

Whether fresh or dried cordyceps, when you put it on the palm of your hand, you will feel it light. For fake cordyceps made from flour when placed on the palm of the hand will be very heavy.

  • Feeling through taste

Only cordyceps please be good to chew directly in the mouth to smell good. The more you chew, the more you will feel the taste.

In addition to the above, the best way to identify cordyceps is best through paper, product quality testing paper. Only really good products can have a certificate of quality control, testing the true nutritional content of medicinal ingredients. Just looking at the ingredients table printed on the product packaging is not convincing enough.

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3. Where to buy good cordyceps?

In order to buy good cordyceps, there are sufficient quality control papers. You can contact Linh Chi Nong Lam.

Nong Lam cordyceps has good quality
Nong Lam cordyceps has good quality

We are proud to be one of the high quality cordyceps business units that are trusted by many people. Currently, the price of the products we provide is highly competitive in the market, suitable for a wide range of users.

You can contact our advice center directly via the website address for further advice.

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