Currently, there are many people known Green lim mushroom and see it as "magic" for health. Therefore, there are many people who do not regret spending large sums of money to buy green iron mushrooms for treatment. However, capturing the psychology of users, many traders show off tricks to trade "witty" mushrooms at high prices. Today, Ganoderma will send you 3 notes to buy green iron mushrooms - Should Where to buy green lim mushrooms. You can spend a few minutes following our article to find answers to these issues.

Natural green lim mushroom and artificial green lim mushroom

Referring to green lim mushroom, everyone thinks that they can buy the best quality to grow in the wild. However, forest lim mushrooms only grow on dead limwood trees in primeval dense forests. The process of searching for natural reishi mushrooms is quite difficult and difficult to exploit. Especially the number of natural green lim mushrooms is not much. Therefore, natural green lim mushroom in the market is very rare, especially expensive.

Natural green lim mushrooms are rare and difficult to exploit
Natural green lim mushrooms are rare and difficult to exploit

Therefore, if any trader that specializes in natural green lim mushroom business, as much as it is available at cheap prices, you should be really wary.

When it comes to artificial green lim mushroom, one of us will probably think that this is a fake mushroom, which has absolutely no medicinal properties to improve health. However, the artificial green lim mushroom is the green lim mushroom grown under conditions similar to the natural environment, under strict technical care, collected only when it is old enough and carefully prepared.

Recent scientific studies have found that the pharmaceuticals contained in cultivated green lim mushroom are very similar to natural green lim mushrooms. In that gas, cultivated green lim mushroom is cheaper, suitable for many users. Some experts in the industry also affirmed that, green lim mushrooms cultured at full five years old, good care conditions will still retain more medicinal properties than green lim mushrooms, too long in nature, have turned to wood. eroded by the environment, chiseled by insects.

The cultured green lim mushroom has a relatively good medicinal component
The cultured green lim mushroom has a relatively good medicinal component

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3 note to buy green lim mushroom you definitely must know 

  • Buy mushrooms green clearly origin

One note that no one can ignore when limiting mushrooms is to find out the origin of the product. Currently on the market, green lim mushroom is sold in many places with sophisticated counterfeiting to be difficult to distinguish. To not buy the wrong green lim mushroom floating, you need to understand the origin of the product. Especially when listening to traders say mushrooms green lim forest, the more you have to pay attention to the origin of the product to avoid "loss of money".

You need to understand the origin of green lim mushroom
You need to understand the origin of green lim mushroom
  • Do not buy cheap green lim mushroom

Ganoderma also belongs to a line of Ganoderma, but compared to other types of Ganoderma Lucidum Lucidum has more outstanding medicinal properties. Prices of other types of lingzhi on the market range from 700,000 to 4,000,000 VND / kg. Therefore, the price of green lim mushroom in the market cannot be cheaper than the figure we have just given. Currently, the average price of high quality cultivated green lim mushroom is about 4,000,000 VND / kg.

  • Find out the address provided

In addition to understanding the origins of green lim mushrooms, do not forget to look to reputable addresses. When you buy green limb mushrooms on the market rampant, if you take them home and realize they are fake mushrooms, you can not find them to control and claim the money you have lost.

Meanwhile, green lim mushroom is purchased at reputable units, the buyer can be assured of the warranty policy. Especially the people who can safely use green lim mushroom to protect their health and treat incurable diseases.

You should look to buy green lim mushrooms at a reputable supplier
You should look to buy green lim mushrooms at a reputable supplier

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Why should you buy green lim mushroom at Linh Chi Nong Lam?

The reason you should buy shiitake mushrooms now Ganoderma We are because the product has been provided with full inspection - product declaration such as: International certificate of CCI, certificate of meeting food safety and hygiene standards, certificate of high quality Vietnamese goods, ...

Agroforestry Nong Lam The University of Agriculture and Forestry has applied high technology to crossbreeding and farming in the most advanced technical conditions. Therefore, we are proud to bring quality Vietnamese brand products to consumers. 

Especially, we are committed to providing our customers with competitive prices in the market. Nong Lam Green Iron Mushroom is suitable for all types of customers. You can directly contact the website for more specific advice on the mushroom.

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