Green lim mushroom It has long been one of the rare and high-valued pharmaceuticals for human health. Being turned, the green iron mushroom collected from the natural forest has a high price, it is not easy to find the real source. Why is it expensive? Ganoderma invite you to learn 3 decisive factors Green lim mushroom cost how much 1kg through the article below.

Forest mushrooms, is it expensive?

After learning about the effects of forest green lim mushroom, many people want to buy. However, the price of forest lim mushroom is not cheap at all. Basically, natural green lim mushroom grows only in primeval forests. The characteristic of this mushroom is that it only grows on the hollowed out lim tree.

Forest Lim mushrooms are quite expensive
Forest Lim mushrooms are quite expensive   

Currently, due to the shrinking forest area and the harsh growing conditions of reishi mushroom. Therefore, this mushroom is concentrated in Quang Nam and a few in other regions.

Each time finding and exploiting forest green mushrooms, it takes a lot of time, effort and danger. To harvest 1kg of dried green ironwood mushrooms, it is necessary to exploit 3 - 4 kg of fresh green iron mushrooms. Meanwhile, green lim mushroom only appears in a certain period of time, does not grow in mass so the number is quite scarce.

Therefore, to buy 1kg of forest green mushrooms, the amount you need to pay is also quite high. So why do many traders swear to provide all the users, distributors of the best quality green forest mushrooms? While the price offered by the school is quite appropriate? Certainly after asking these questions, you will feel a lot of contradictions. At the same time, you will also have doubts about the origin of forest green lim mushroom in large quantities that traders provide.

Currently, the origin and quality of forest green lim mushroom are not guaranteed
Currently, the origin and quality of forest green lim mushroom are not guaranteed

+ Note: Agro-forestry Green Lim Mushroom Characteristics Decides to Quality

Agroforestry Nong Lam

Hearing about the cultured green iron mushroom, users often will not trust the quality of the medicinal properties of the product. While, green iron mushrooms Nong Lam It is also a fungus cultured industrially by scale, why is the price of the mushroom many times higher than other cultured mushrooms?

Currently, agroforamel is supplied to customers with prices ranging from 4,000,000 VND / kg. It is the origin and price of Nong Lam green lim mushroom that made customers curious about the product.

Agroforestry agroforestry has a price of about 4,000,000 VND / kg
Agroforestry agroforestry has a price of about 4,000,000 VND / kg

3 factors determine how much green liman mushrooms cost 1kg

Although Nong Lam reishi mushrooms are not natural reishi mushrooms, but it is these 3 important factors that have determined the price of pharmaceuticals:

  1. Good material origin, clear

Agroforestry Nong Lam is not cultivated from common materials and types of mushrooms. Materials for growing mushrooms Lam Nong Lam Lam has been carefully selected, pasteurized in full steps under the strict supervision of technical experts.

Green lim mushroom is a high quality, right type, not infected, at the right age. The origin of green lim mushroom has been completely eliminated of pathogens, eliminating bad mushroom varieties.

  1. Proper farming techniques

Nong Lam lim mushroom is not sketchy and allows them to grow under normal environmental conditions. The mushroom-growing mushroom culture unit has prepared a full range of culture tools, pasteurization room, autoclave room, culture room, fiber incubation room, and carefully covered gardening area. Every process is guaranteed by us a little bit, creating conditions for green reishi mushroom growth similar to the environment outside the natural forest. However, because each mushroom is tested periodically, eliminates pathogens, ensuring other technical requirements.

Green lim mushrooms are cultivated properly
Green lim mushrooms are cultivated properly
  1. Collect at the right age, well preserved

Nong Lam reishi mushroom after going through the care process, the technicians will match the age to harvest. After harvesting, Nong Lam green mushrooms are dried in the sun, keeping the toughness and the whole medicinal component inside.

Therefore, agroforestry Nong Lam has been tested and appreciated for quality by professional people. Compared to green lim mushrooms, the forest has not been removed from toxicity, termites have been gouged out, they are too old to turn to wood, so the mushrooms are of better quality.

Nong Lam lim mushroom is harvested in the right time
Nong Lam lim mushroom is harvested in the right time

+ Note: Address Buy Guaranteed Green Lim Mushroom In HCM

Benefits when buying agroforestry Nong Lam

Our Nong Lam green iron mushroom is not only guaranteed for quality and origin. but we are also committed to providing our customers with the most competitive prices on the market. In particular, customers of Ganoderma will always receive preferential policies to protect the interests of customers.

To learn more about Nong Lam reishi mushrooms, visit the website address for more advice.

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