When known the use of shiitake mushrooms, a lot of people have sought to buy to use. However, because users are hunting hard, the real green iron - fake mushrooms are sold mixedly. Today, Ganoderma We will send you 5 how to distinguish real fake green lim mushroom The easiest. If green lim mushroom is also a health supplement that you are interested in, do not hurry to skip our article.

5 ways to turn on fake green lim mushroom

Currently, you can easily find reishi mushrooms in many places, of course, everywhere will confirm the reishi mushroom they provide is the best. Most users often follow the advice of merchants and less up-to-date news will mistakenly believe that forest mushrooms are the best. Therefore, many people have spent a large amount of money to buy forest green mushrooms, although it is not known whether it really originated from the forest or not.

Natural green lim mushroom has less and less quantity
Natural green lim mushroom has less and less quantity

In recent years, technology application of technology in growing green lim mushroom has appeared in Vietnam. Experts have also affirmed that for reishi mushrooms cultivated in the right environment, proper techniques, carefully collected and preliminarily processed, they still have the medicinal properties similar to the natural forest reishi mushrooms.

Therefore, talking about true green lim mushroom is not necessarily talking about natural green lim mushroom, but also a kind of green lim mushroom which is cultivated properly and ensures food safety and hygiene.

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5 ways to distinguish fake green iron mushrooms

  1. Real green lim mushroom usually has a very high price, for dried green lim mushroom ranges from VND 4 million / kg.
  2. The true green lim mushroom will be a golden brown or dark brown color with a glossy surface, while the spores on the upper legs and legs are short. In particular, green lim mushrooms are quite hard, dry but not broken.
  3. The true green lim mushroom will taste very bitter. Just open the bag of green lim mushrooms and sit for about 5 minutes. You will feel a characteristic aromatic scent gradually creeping down the throat. However, after that bitter taste, you will notice a slightly sweet taste.
  4. Only the true green mushrooms are boiling when boiling, leaving water and residue out after 24 hours and still not rancid.
  5. In particular, only when using real green mushrooms will you feel the positive changes in your body.
There are a few simple ways to help you distinguish between fake green lim mushrooms
There are a few simple ways to help you distinguish between fake green lim mushrooms

Using fake green lim mushrooms is harmful?

Not talking about the problem of fake green lim mushrooms affecting health. The first thing that buyers of fake blue lim mushroom suffer is the purchase of fake goods at the same real price.

When using green lim mushroom, the user's body will receive unpredictable dangers. For users of green reishi mushroom health, using fake green lim mushroom will not feel any change in the body. In the long run, it also causes some accumulated toxins to create diseases in people.

For those suffering from incurable diseases, view reishi mushrooms as an "opportunity" to support treatment. If using false green lim mushroom not only does not heal, it also makes the situation worse.

All normal subjects who suffer from incurable diseases when using false green limb will have secondary symptoms such as indigestion, rashes, diarrhea ...

Using fake green lim mushroom is not beneficial to health
Using fake green lim mushroom is not beneficial to health

Using true green lim mushroom brings a “miracle” to

When it comes to the uses of reishi mushroom, everyone wants to be able to use it to treat diseases and improve health.

However, even good quality green lim mushrooms are grown or good quality. You need to use the right dosage, processing methods to bring high efficiency.

Not only that, when using the green limestone mushrooms, the natural forest is out of date, badly affected by the environment. In mushrooms also from ironwood toxicity, it also does not bring healing effects.

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Where to buy green lim mushrooms to ensure quality?

If you are still wondering where to find the good mushrooms? Reasonable price and certificate of food safety. Do not hesitate to find Linh Chi Nong Lam.

Agroforestry Agroforestry is always committed to quality
Agroforestry Agroforestry is always committed to quality

We are the leader in the technology of cultivating green lim mushroom culture in Vietnam with quality standard techniques. In particular, the green lim mushroom we provide always comes with a policy to protect the rights of customers. Therefore, you can feel secure using our Nong Lam lim mushroom.

All details about green iron mushrooms Nong Lam and the specific price of the product, please visit the address linhchinonglam.com Please.

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