Ganoderma lucidum like other fungi, when mature will produce spores, which is useful seeds for the next life. Spores are very small in size, about 5.5-10.2 microns, to see under a microscope to see. Lingzhi spores have 2 very hard shells, difficult to germinate. When the spores germinate mononuclear mycelium, then the 2 mononuclear mycelium will multiply together to form a 2-nucleus mycelium, which will grow, and dense branching together to form mycelium. This secondary mushroom, this mycelium, when grasping favorable conditions, will tightly clump together and differentiate to form Ganoderma, ie Ganoderma lucidum to prepare hereditary for the next generation.

Reishi mushroom spores are released when the mushrooms reach the harvest standard

+ Note: How long is it effective to use Ganoderma lucidum?

BHello Prince Ganoderma ie, the reproductive organs of Ganoderma, like flowers in plants, Ganoderma spores contain the same ingredients as Ganoderma: Polysaccharide, triterpen, fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, with jaws 10 times more concentrated than Lingzhi. When Ganoderma releases spores, looking through the sunlight will see each wave of spores fly like smoke clinging to Ganoderma into a thin layer of very fine reddish-brown dust, like basalt red soil. However, the number of Lingzhi spores is very small. When harvesting 1 ton of Lingzhi, 1 kg of spores will be collected.

Ganoderma spores powder Nong Lam

The effect of spores is the same as that of Ganoderma. Often some of the products sold in the market have a combination of Ganoderma and spores and broken shells or not. These products are usually more expensive than products without spores. Korean Lingzhi as well as imported Lingzhi usually have no spore layer because of premature harvesting to shorten the cultivation time or extract the spores for drug preparation.

Products Lingzhi Mushroom Spores

There are 2 ways to break the spore's shell. Either using ultrasound or using enamel to break down the hard shell so that the active substance inside the spore can be easily released out. However, the spores that have broken the shell are susceptible to oxidation if stored poorly and if not broken, the body will be difficult to absorb if used in the form of capsules.

The simple way is to boil Ganoderma spores with boiling water, let it simmer for 10 to 15 minutes will soften the shell of the spores and when in the stomach, in an acidic environment to soften, to the intestine, the environment The intestinal alkalinity dissolves this crust, and the body absorbs it. The important thing is that because the number of spores is so small, actually using Ganoderma is good If possible, it is possible to use Ganoderma spores separately or mixed with Ganoderma spores with Ganoderma powder. It is good for daily drinking so that it is good for health.

Currently, Linh Chi Nong Lam is the only unit that develops the Lingzhi Mushroom Powder product line combined with Linh Chi Mushroom Spores in a filter bag so that customers can use good quality products with great convenience.

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