Cordyceps Considered a valuable herb because of the medicinal properties it brings. Done culturing and harvesting, preparing cordyceps is not easy. Long time ago, Cordyceps soaked honey Considered a valuable medicine that can cure "panic". So the cause from where cordyceps soaked honey is considered a panacea to such? Let's find out!

Cordyceps soaked honey 
Cordyceps soaked honey  

Cordyceps honey soaked in honey is a great combination between the medicinal properties of cordyceps and honey.

Cordyceps honey soaked in any effect?

It can be seen that the efficacy of cordyceps in honey is a combination of the use of cordyceps and honey. 

However, depending on each object, there will be different uses and effects.

Let's find out the specific uses of each ingredient!

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Effects of cordyceps

According to traditional medicine or Western medicine, cordyceps has many different effects. According to the East and the West, they have great healing effects, the cordyceps have the effect of supplementing nutrients. 

In making cordyceps become a myth in healing medicine, the East has discovered and introduced cordyceps in treating almost every disease from the simplest to the most difficult. Meanwhile, the West bears the testimony of Eastern assumptions by empirical treatment.

Cordyceps - rare pharmaceuticals 
Cordyceps - rare pharmaceuticals

For the immune system

Cordyceps works to enhance the activity of NK cells and macrophage activity, regulate the response of Lymphocytes, enhance scientifically and selectively the activities of Inhibited T cells.

In addition, cordyceps also increases the concentration of antibodies in the serum and is a drug with excellent immunosuppressive effects to combat transplantation.

For the cerebral circulatory system 

Cordyceps has a great effect on dilating blood vessels and thereby increasing blood circulation from the brain and heart through the mechanism of excitement M. 

On the other hand, cordyceps have the ability to regulate blood lipid levels, cordyceps helps reduce cholesterol and limit the progression of diseases, especially atherosclerosis.

For the hormonal system 

Cordyceps has many effects such as increasing masculine hormones, increasing testicle weight or other secondary genitalia. 

In addition, traditional Chinese and foreign traditional medicine studies in China show that cordyceps successfully treat a lot of diseases, including many difficult to treat diseases like lipid disorders. blood, chronic bronchitis, chronic high blood pressure nephritis, allergic rhinitis, chronic hepatitis B, lung cancer, hypogonadism, ...

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The effect of honey

Honey has many effects on human health that have been recognized in many cultures over the centuries.

Honey is abundant in nature
Honey is abundant in nature

The following are the 5 most common effects of honey.

Increase motor productivity 

Honey is like a tonic that works to increase motor performance. Honey helps you to restore muscle health and keep a stable amount of sugar in the blood. 

Effective for skin care

Honey is a very large ingredient in beautifying human skin surface, inside of honey contains many substances such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium or vitamins, B, C are also a beneficial ingredient in creams. skin.

Honey helps to lose weight effectively

Raw honey contains more calories than sugar, but when it is dissolved in water, it burns fat. So for those who want to lose weight, you should drink honey mixed with warm water and lemon after every meal.

Provide abundant energy

1 tablespoon of honey will contain nearly 64 calories, this can be seen as honey becomes an extremely abundant and healthy energy source for the body, while only 15 calories of carbohydrate in honey per sugar. It is converted into glucose and honey is a naturally easier substance to digest than sugar.


Since ancient times honey has been used to treat skin wounds, our fathers used a mixture of silver and honey to treat skin wounds. Honey has antibacterial and sugar-drying properties that are very effective in healing skin wounds.

Thus, it can be seen that the freezing of cordyceps and honey will cure and prevent many diseases. You need to follow your doctor's instructions to have the right dose and method to use for your body.

Cordyceps honey soak in panacea
Cordyceps honey soak in panacea

+ Note: Cordyceps water-based cure "Bach disease"?

Why choose Cordyceps soaked honey Linh Chi Nong Lam?

Extracted carefully, reaching advanced technical process, rigorous inspection on each stage, cordyceps soaked with honey Ganoderma Lucidifera is one of the early medicinal herbs that have been highly appreciated by the Ministry of Health intake as well as recommended use to treat disease or physical fitness. 

Cordyceps soaked in honey Linh Chi Nong Lam is recognized by the Vietnam Association of Functional Foods

What are you waiting for, your body is debilitating, you have illnesses that have not cured forever or cannot find valuable medicine? Contact us for a free consultation and quickly resolve your concerns. Let Cordyceps soaked in agriculture and forestry help you.

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