Diabetes, also known as Diabetes or Diabetes, is a group of disorders of carbohydrate metabolism when the pancreatic insulin hormone is missing or reduced in the body, manifested by consistently high blood sugar levels. 

Diabetes is one of the causes leading to many serious diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, impotence, gangrene, etc. However, we need to understand clearly to control. diabetes in the best way.


Diabetes - symptoms and treatment

How many types of diabetes are there?

Type 1 diabetes results from the pancreas doesn't secrete insulin, and type 2 diabetes is caused by insulin secretion and insulin resistance.

Type 1 diabetes

About 5-10 total patients have type 1 diabetes, the majority occur in children and young people (<20 years old). Symptoms usually start suddenly and progress quickly without treatment. The full-blown phase has absolute insulin deficiency causing hyperglycemia and ketoacidosis.

The typical symptoms of type 1 diabetes are: a lot of eating, a lot of drinking, a lot of urine, a lot of thinness, blurred vision, paresthesia and weight loss, children with developmental delays and susceptible to infections.

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes accounts for about 90-95 of the total number of patients with diabetes. At present, this disease has no age limit but the proportion of people over 40 years old is higher. Patients often have few symptoms and are usually only detected by the symptoms of complications, or only discovered by accident when having blood tests before surgery or when there are complications such as myocardial infarction, stroke. brain blood; This is a dangerous type of diabetes that requires regular testing to protect your health because there are no obvious symptoms.


Symptoms of blurred vision of diabetes

Symptoms of blurred vision of diabetes

Symptoms of diabetes

Common symptoms in diabetes are high urination, eating a lot, drinking a lot, rapid weight loss are symptoms found in both types, clear water, often leaving stains or white patches when the patient appears. images of nocturnal enuresis due to polyuria may be a sign of the onset of diabetes in young children. Patients with type 2 diabetes usually do not have any symptoms at an early stage and therefore the disease is usually diagnosed late about 7-10 years (only a blood glucose test allows diagnosis at this stage). ).


Dr. Nguyen Van Hieu, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Agriculture and Forestry, Project Director of Linh Chi Nong Lam (www.linhchinonglam.com) announced the use of Ganoderma Lucidum in treating diabetes, He said:

“The unique structure of Ganoderma is the composition of all kinds of trace minerals (119 substances), of which some minerals such as organic Germanium, vanadium, chromium… polysaccharides and triterpenoids… have been confirmed. is an important factor in stabilizing blood sugar control and also important factors against cancer, stroke, atherosclerosis, intravascular coagulation ...


Ganoderma, Precious Medications Are Not Far Away

 Ganoderma has many uses for health

The effect of Ganoderma in maintaining blood sugar levels

Ganoderma lucidum has been shown to significantly reduce blood sugar levels, and may cause 1 to 4 times the ability of pancreatic beta cells to stimulate insulin secretion.

The pancreas is a organ with many functions. It is involved in the production of enzymes and other hormones necessary for the digestive system. The pancreatic beta cells function to produce insulin, a hormone that brings glucose into the cells.

Red Lucid Ganoderma has been shown to reduce blood glucose levels while enhancing insulin secretion by the cells, without causing any side effects to other organs. .

Clinical research for type 2 diabetes patients

After 14 weeks, the group treated with reishi mushroom extracts showed a significant decrease in glycosylated hemoglobin of the A1c line, a significant decrease in plasma glucose levels, while the groups treated with placebo did not The change is even slightly increased in all test parameters.

Inte D Mid Mushr 2007, 8 (1): 32- 8 Chapter I / II, Research on reishi mushroom extract for type 2 diabetics.

Dr. Hieu recommends regularly using reishi mushroom as a daily drink to protect health, stabilize blood sugar as well as prevent complications of diabetes.

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