According to the Thai News Agency, the Thai Ministry of Health encourages cancer patients to drink Lingzhi juice to boost the immune system as a tonic for cancer patients.

Dr. Somchai Nichpanit, General Director of the Department of Traditional and Alternative Medicine Development of Thailand, said the latest studies on reishi mushrooms and The effect of Ganoderma in supporting cancer treatment shows that it has very large polysaccharides. This is a compound that can help boost the body's immune system and cause a light sensation while having a mild laxative effect so this is a valuable tonic for cancer patients.

Ganoderma It was also found to contain triterpene, which is scientifically considered a valuable tonic for treating cancer patients. The mushroom extract and its spore extracts also have the ability to boost immunity and not harm normal cells.

According to him, this study has supported a number of Chinese studies on the ability to control the spread of cancer cells to patients with lung cancer and colon cancer and can safely use long-term such as doses of 1bo63 medicine that support effective treatment.

He continued to urge cancer patients in Thailand to try it out Ganoderma at home as a tonic to help improve their health.

The use of linh chi nông lâm mushroom

Drinking Ganoderma tea regularly helps improve health status

However, Dr. Somchai warns patients to pay attention to the reliability of water Ganoderma available on the market by checking the information on the label with the approval of the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand to ensure consumer safety.


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