Cordyceps is a valuable medicinal herb that promotes health and balances hormones to enhance the physiological and preventive treatment of many diseases, including cancer. Proper preservation of cordyceps will keep the nutritional value and best taste of this medicinal herb. The article will help you find out how to preserve cordyceps right way. Stay tuned!

Cordyceps is a valuable medicinal herb

Classification of cordyceps

Types of cordyceps by origin include:

  • Natural cordyceps: is a kind of natural cordyceps that grows naturally in high mountains and highlands (prominent Cordyceps in Tibet, China).
  • Artificial cordyceps are cultured in the form of parasitic cordyceps, which is grown on larvae and silkworm pupae. This includes cordyceps biomass cultured on a mass of brown rice, silkworm green beans, or crushed nutrients.

Classified by status:

  • Fresh cordyceps
  • Dried Cordyceps
  • Cordyceps cordyceps

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Uses of cordyceps  

Cordyceps contains a lot of medicinal properties that are difficult to obtain. Uses of cordyceps:

  • Strong support for cancer treatment, reduce tumor size.
  • Treats and restores many functions of diseases and symptoms related to kidney failure, chronic kidneys, damaged kidney functions, strengthens the body's immune system.
  • Stimulating the immune system, it can suppress the entire immune system.
  • Stabilizing and regulating cardiac arrhythmias improves the quality of life for patients with chronic heart failure.
  • Regulate blood sugar, help people with high fat or diabetes control disease.
  • Treatment of asthma, chronic obstruction, bronchitis and helps to regulate tracheal spasm.
  • Treatment of disorders of physiological function for both men and women, cases of reduced libido or infertility in women.
  • Helps reduce blood cholesterol, stabilize metabolic function.
  • Increase energy for all cell activities and oxidize cells in the body to help you stay healthy.
Cordyceps has a "miraculous" effect for diseases

How to preserve cordyceps properly

For dried cordyceps, this cordyceps has been pre-dried and dried so it will hold longer than fresh cordyceps.  

For fresh cordyceps: Fresh cordyceps will be relatively harder to preserve than dried cordyceps, you must pay attention to retain the original flavor and nutritional value of cordyceps when purchasing.

When buying cordyceps but not used up, please refer to some preservation methods below.

How to preserve fresh cordyceps: 

  • Preservation by refrigerator

Put the excess in a sealed plastic bag or use a vacuum to exhaust all the air, then to cool the refrigerator (4-10 degrees celsius), this method can preserve fresh cordyceps within one month. 

If you do not have a vacuum machine, you can put it in a tight bag to cool in the refrigerator. This method only preserves fresh cordyceps for about two weeks.

  • Preserved by drying

Bring it to the sun, you can dry it in the oven 

This method loses 90% of water in cordyceps and avoids mold growth. When the dried cordyceps is dried, bring it to preserve by using the dried cordyceps below.

  • Preserved with honey / alcohol 

In order to use fresh cordyceps to avoid mold moisture, you can combine cordyceps with honey / alcohol. This method, you can preserve for 1-2 years or 3-4 years without losing the original properties. 

Use alcohol to preserve fresh cordyceps
Use alcohol to preserve fresh cordyceps

How to preserve dried cordyceps

Properly preserve the cordyceps, the cordyceps when dry storage can be used for up to a year because it is long-lasting, easy to transport and store. 

You should vacuum packaging the dried cordyceps. Avoid direct sunlight and high humidity.

Preserving dried cordyceps properly
Preserving dried cordyceps properly

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Buy Cordyceps reputable, quality where?

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