Since ancient times, Cordyceps has been dubbed as a rare panacea, sought by many people. So What is the effect of cordyceps?? Join us to find out!

Cordyceps what treatment?

Concept - what is the nature of cordyceps?

Cordyceps is essentially a rare oriental medicine, a parasite of a fungus that lives on the larvae of a butterfly. Its medicinal component is extracted from the fungus it lives on.

In cordyceps up to 17 precious amino acids have an extremely important role in the metabolism and synthesis of proteins for the human body ..

At the same time, the trace elements K, Na this is one of the important components in enzyme hormones, vitamins - involved in a number of metabolic reactions. It also acts as a catalytic activator or coenzyme.

+ Note: Miraculous effects of Cordyceps on men

Why should we use cordyceps in support and treatment of disease?

Cordyceps is an extremely rare traditional medicine that helps foster health and body, promotes health, enhances the body's resistance, improves sexual life, enhances the physiology of men and women, Enhance and strengthen immune system in the body. 

Moreover, Cordyceps also helps to fight aging, and slows down the aging process of the human body, beautifies skin and cares for the skin, eliminates dead cells as well as free radicals. Harm out of the body. Some components of cordyceps help to clear the blood, increase blood vessels, enhance blood circulation under the epidermis and accelerate blood flow, ...

Cordyceps cultured in Vietnam

Cordyceps treatment of diseases and effects to the body?

Effects on the immune system

Cordyceps also contains Selenium - a rare substance that has an excellent effect on strengthening the immune system for the human body. At the same time creates a barrier to prevent pathogens for our bodies.

 Lowers cholesterol levels in the blood

Cordyceps helps reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, used for people with obesity, overweight, rich in cholesterol.

Improve physiological function

Cordyceps contains the ingredient CordyMax Cs-4 which is a compound that can help improve sexual desire for both men and women. Moreover, hormonal regulation, support infertility treatment.

Anti-aging, make beauty skin

Women after the age of 25 have signs of aging and deteriorate quickly without care and protection. Therefore, if you use cordyceps daily and the right dose, it also helps slow down the oxidation process to help restore and regenerate the skin and prevent signs of skin aging such as age spots, crow's feet, pigmentation. , freckles, dull skin, ... At the same time it also works to slow down the process of perimenopause, female hormone balance.

For the excretory system

Cordyceps contains a rare ingredient that helps restore kidney function and a number of related diseases. Patients with chronic renal failure and impaired renal function should use cordyceps to correct and improve the disease.

Improve some lung-related diseases

Cordyceps helps to increase oxygen for the lungs, improve diseases related to the respiratory system such as asthma, bronchitis.

The effects of cordyceps on people with lung disease 

Cardiovascular system effects

Some active ingredients such as adenosine, deoxy-adenosine, nucleotide adenosine and free nucleotides have the effect of helping to regulate and stabilize the heartbeat. 

Effects on the liver

Cordyceps is extremely effective in helping to increase the efficiency of the liver, treating liver diseases, removing toxic substances, eliminating hepatitis virus, ...

Slowing down the growth of cancer cells

With ingredients Selenium with the effect of strengthening the immune system for the body and also slowing the growth of cancer cells.

+ Note: Cordyceps and effects with a stroke

Can use cordyceps how to promote the effect

Cordyceps used to eat raw

We can eat cordyceps by washing them with warm water and chewing them is also very good, it helps improve sleep, sleep better. 

However, if it is dry, it has been dried so it will be hard, should not be used to eat raw.

Cordyceps used to make tea

Making cordyceps tea in combination with ginseng for about 10 minutes and using it will improve the physiological function, kidney tonic, gleaning, cure sperm, impotence, premature ejaculation

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