Green lim mushroom has the scientific name of Garnodema Lucidum, is an endemic genus Ganoderma, which grows on green lim trees in the primary forest. The effect of Reishi mushroom helps to boost the immune system, helps the body's immune system conduct self-repair of cell disorders, is a good effective tonic that helps support patients who are in the process of treating incurable diseases.

Green and Agarwood Mushroom 100

NWarm Lim Green

According to statistics, in Vietnam every year, about 150,000 people are found to have cancer, many cases when discovered in the late stages can not be saved. The search for a remedy capable of supporting active treatment of patients, curing or prolonging patients' lives is a concern not only for physicians but also for family members of patients. .

Recently, people often mention the traditional remedy of natural origin, the most prominent among them is Green lim mushroom - a precious mushroom which is highly appreciated in fostering to support side effects and good effects when treatment of some incurable diseases especially cancer will work well when using adjunctive mushroom.

Recently, green lim mushroom has been researched and recognized by the Central Institute of Pharmacy for its effectiveness in treating liver disease. Green lim mushroom helps support the body in preventing and fighting diseases on the principle of restoring pathological lesions, rather than directly punishing diseases, so it is very safe for users but requires users. Reishi mushrooms need to be persistent for two to five months in order to see the benefits of the reishi mushroom.

Recently, the use of reishi mushroom is known by many people, the market of red limps is currently very chaotic. Many types of mushrooms with the same size and shape as Green Lim Mushroom are on sale, making it very difficult for consumers to distinguish.

With the prestige, experience and in-depth expertise of Ganoderma in particular and other commercial mushrooms in general, Linh Chi Nong Lam specializes in providing the market with the best products, ensuring adequate medicinal properties. The highest efficiency for users, is to say that reputable quality Lim Mushrooms are sold cheaply for consumers
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