Cordyceps cure urination, night urination is often a method recommended by many Eastern medicine. Because cordyceps has brought the highest efficiency. So really medicinal Cordyceps works for people with urination, urination overnight? The following article will provide the most complete information on cordyceps treatment for urinary urination regularly for you. Stay tuned!

Cordyceps make tea

Causes of intense urination, urination at night

Severe urination and urination at night is not a disease but a symptom of many different interrelated pathologies.

Although this phenomenon is not dangerous, it brings us unpleasant sensations, painful urethra and difficulties, greatly affecting the life.

There are many causes of urination, urinating overnight. 

The main causes of urination are the following:

  • Irritable bladder syndrome 
  • Stimulation bladder syndrome helps muscles by photosynthesis to contract. 

Incontinence causes frequent urination, causing urgency to urinate, even though the bladder has little urine.

  • Interstitial cystitis: Interstitial cystitis is a disease with signs such as severe pain in the pelvic or urinary tract or lower abdominal pain.
  • Bladder cancer: Bladder cancer compresses the bladder, resulting in a large tumor that greatly affects the bladder and urinary tract, which can easily form stones or foreign objects in the urinary tract.
  • When bladder neck is irritated by stones or rubbing objects causing painful pain, urinating many times, not completely accompanied by blood in urine.
  • Adrenal insufficiency: when adrenal insufficiency is impaired renal function causes conditions that increase the frequency of urination. Since then, the phenomenon leads to urinate, urinate many times.
  • Prostate disease: Prostate diseases such as prostatic hypertrophy or prostate cancer also cause urethral compression that causes irritation of the bladder, leading to urination several times. , pee overnight.
  • Stress and fatigue also make your sleep disturbed and urinate more often during the night ...

It can be seen in the above causes that urination, night urination many times often due to most diseases with symptoms related to the kidneys.

Nocturia, urination greatly affects daily life

The kidneys are the root of the problem that causes urinary tract problems, nocturia many times. Therefore, to treat urination, nocturia is best, you should take measures to protect the kidneys, enhance kidney function.

+ Note: Using Cordyceps Correctly

Cordyceps cure urinary night urge how?

Since ancient times, cordyceps, also known as cordyceps, is known as an extremely precious herb that can cure all diseases, used by the king to prevent and treat many diseases.

Today, according to scientific studies, it has been shown that cordyceps contains many valuable and rare nutrients for health, not all herbs can be obtained.

Natural fresh cordyceps

Cordyceps cure urination by reducing and eliminating the germs that cause disease thanks to their high content of substances Cordycepin and Polysaccharide and Adenosine.

  • Adenosine It is used to protect the kidneys against deterioration and enhance kidney function, reduce blood flow in the kidneys and increase the filtration of kidneys, thereby reducing pressure on the kidneys.
  • Polysaccharide Reducing cholesterol content in kidney. This is a major cause of kidney stones and gallstones. Polysaccharide also helps relieve painful pain when urinating, urinate overnight thanks to the mechanism of sphincter sphincter, helping urine to go out more easily, improve immunity and enhance the body's resistance Especially in the elderly.
  • Cordycepin plays a role in regulating hormones, this is an indirect cause of prostate diseases that inhibits the process of cell fission, slowing down the spread, preventing tumor development ...

In addition, cordyceps contains many trace elements such as vitamins B, C, D, K, ... and 17 types of amino acids, 28 types of saturated fatty acids. These nutrients not only work in anti-oxidation, prevent free radicals from working in the human body, but also help foster health, reduce stress, stress, reduce pressure, and nourish nerves. and fitness.

Cordyceps contains a lot of rare medicinal properties

With the above uses, Cordyceps is recognized as a special herb in urination, nocturia many times brings effective results recommended by physicians, doctors, physicians.

+ Note: CHe uses cordyceps in the treatment of liver, kidney, and lung diseases

Where to sell reputable Cordyceps quality reputation?

Cordyceps or cordyceps are only really beneficial for health if cordyceps products have a clear origin, ensuring the quality reputation as well as the pharmaceutical content of cordyceps. 

To avoid "money loss, disability" you should choose reputable establishments with full business licenses and certificates recommended by the Ministry of Health.

Being the first unit in Vietnam, successfully researching and producing artificial cordyceps at Linh Chi Nong Lam Company is proud to bring Vietnamese people cordyceps products to meet strict requirements. of the Ministry of Health. 

The types of cordyceps biomass or dried ... all have high levels of nutrients compared to natural cordyceps.

Cordyceps genuine Nong Lam, high quality

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