TTraditional Chinese medicine has long been used to treat a variety of diseases, including fatty liver disease. So real damage like, then we go to find out Cordyceps supports the treatment of fatty liver is not? The following article will provide the most specific information about the effects as well as how to use cordyceps to treat. Stay tuned!               

Cordyceps works well for the liver

Fatty liver disease, its causes and ways to prevent it

What is fatty liver?

Fatty liver is the phenomenon of fatty degeneration in the liver, in which fat accumulates and becomes inflamed, causing the liver to be bigger than normal. Fat accumulation in liver> 5% body weight. 

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Causes of fatty liver disease:

  • Overweight, obesity: Uncontrolled weight gain, obesity is a risk leading to fatty liver disease. When the body is regularly tolerated of triglyceride fat beyond the body's ability to absorb it, it will cause no metabolism, accumulate for a long time, creating the risk of fatty liver.
  • People who use alcohol regularly: For patients who regularly drink alcohol, the ethanol content of alcohol causes an increase in NADH in liver cells, stimulates fat synthesis, and increases the synthesis of triglycerides in the liver. Regular drinking will put you at risk for fatty liver disease.
  • People with diabetes: In patients with diabetes, free fatty acids in the blood will increase the mobilization of patients with hypoglycemia. Increasing the use of free fatty acids from adipose tissue into the blood, the liver converts free fatty acids into triglycerides.
  • Foods high in cholesterol: High cholesterol, high likelihood of cardiovascular disease and blood fat.
The cause of fatty liver disease

How to prevent fatty liver disease: 

To prevent fatty liver disease, we must know how to protect the liver. And Learn a few basic ways of doing this:

Exercise: Regular exercise can prevent and help treat fatty liver. It also improves insulin sensitivity, helps reduce the risk of heart disease and control the amount of glucose in the blood

Healthy diet: Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables especially those that contain lots of fiber. Supplement vitamin E - an antioxidant, which can improve the fat build up in the liver. Completely eliminate alcohol from your meals.

Diabetes control: Because this disease is the cause of fatty liver disease, limit the intake of carbs to keep blood sugar levels stable. 

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Cordyceps has a great effect of supporting the treatment of fatty liver

Today, scientists have demonstrated the effects of cordyceps on the organs of the human body. Especially with the liver, cordyceps has the following effect: Based on precious documents of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, cordyceps has an extremely good effect on the liver, helping the liver to recover quickly. Moreover, this brand-name drug also contains the components Cordycepin, Polysaccharides and some other components to increase phagocytosis of the liver, cordycep acid has the effect of supporting cirrhosis. Patients should regularly use cordyceps 3 times a week to limit the risk of fatty liver disease.

Use cordyceps to support the treatment of fatty liver

Where to buy cordyceps to ensure quality?

Cordyceps only really works for your health when you buy genuine products, with specific origin, transparency, quality assurance. If buying cordyceps in unknown units is easy to cause money loss, disability. To avoid this situation, consumers should choose units with full business papers and certificates of the Ministry of Health accreditation. 

Being the first pioneer unit in Vietnam, Cordyceps in Nong Lam is confident to bring Vietnamese people with cordyceps products with clear origin, ensuring health. The types of cordyceps biomass, sliced, powdered form, ... all have high nutrient content compared to natural cordyceps.

Cordyceps agroforestry, ensuring health

Actual proof, Cordyceps has a very good effect on the liver, help liver cells recover quickly, regain mental strength and resistance for people with liver disease. With the share above of Ganoderma, customers have more knowledge when deciding who to use cordyceps for whom and how to use it. 

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