What to do if you have premature ejaculation? According to the conception of Asians, the manliness is the mainstay of the family, the support for his wife and children ... that concept is not wrong, but the bravery of the man is also expressed through the "fire" of love. of the couple. The following article is about Cordyceps - the number 1 choice for men especially in the support and treatment of premature ejaculation.

Cordyceps perfect choice for men

What is premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is called abnormal physiological phenomena in men, during sex men premature ejaculation (only 1-2 minutes). According to statistics, in the world, about 15-30% men experience premature ejaculation.

+ Note: Cordyceps works great for the sick

What causes premature ejaculation?

  • Abuse of stimulants

Men if used: too much tobacco, alcohol, beer will cause premature ejaculation. 

In cigarettes, beer and alcohol contain toxic substances that adversely affect the health of men, especially affecting the liver, kidneys of men, the condition lasts for a long time and the physiology of men is also affected. severely affected. 

  • Physical fitness and poor health also lead to premature ejaculation

As we all know, health is a very important factor determining the love of men.

If good health, the love will be perfect and if exhausted or bad health due to heavy work will make men not able to do "sex". 

This situation occurs regularly, repeated, the phenomenon of premature ejaculation is inevitable 

  • Due to anxiety, prolonged psychological depression 

Due to psychological instability, anxiety, prolonged depression is the leading cause of premature ejaculation in men. Men working in stressful environments, under pressure from work, causing fatigue, stress, long-term neurosuppression leading to anxiety, psychological effects, when sex also leads to premature ejaculation

  • Do masturbating too many times

Men often have the habit of masturbating to relieve psychology. Psychological fear of being discovered or ridicule should often speed up, trying to finish the story leading to premature ejaculation.

  • Due to congenital or male diseases

Some diseases related to impotence in men such as urethritis, testicular inflammation, prostatitis are the causes of premature ejaculation.

  • Because men lack practical knowledge about sex

Men due to the first contact or close contact with women should, when in the game, bearded men feel shy, guilty, do not dare to express themselves.

The boys have not prepared themselves with practical sexual knowledge that also causes premature ejaculation.

Men's anxiety - premature ejaculation

+ Note: Children Using Cordyceps Cordyceps No.

Cordyceps perfect choice for the treatment of premature ejaculation in men?

Cordyceps is a rare and valuable medicine with many good effects on the body. In particular, cordyceps helps support and treat premature ejaculation in men as well as diseases related to male physiology.

Since ancient times, cordyceps has been used only for kings and nobles to improve, enhance the function of the kidneys, overcome the situation of damaged kidneys and weak kidneys, incompatible kidneys ...

Therefore, it has the effect of clearing blood and controlling ejaculation at will. Not only that, if using cordyceps also improves, enhances health, prevents a number of other diseases.

According to the study, to support the treatment of premature ejaculation from the special nutrients found in cordyceps such as Adenosine and polysaccharide. 

+ Adenosine plays an important role in improving blood circulation in the kidneys by reducing filtration and blood flow. At the same time enhance the ability to eliminate toxins in the kidney and enhance, improve kidney function, restore damaged kidney cells. Not only that, Adenosine also helps regulate hormones and physiological processes in the body

+ Polysaccharide has an important function to help blood circulation; Reducing blood fat, reducing the risk of gallstones in the bile should help create feelings of excitement for men.

+ In addition, in cordyceps there are evil trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids with the function of restoring vitality; enhance muscle firmness and toughness; strengthen the body's resistance; Fight off and slow down the aging process.

+ Note: 4 things to know about cordyceps cordyceps

Cordyceps processing of premature ejaculation - effective

Cordyceps is processed in many different ways such as eating raw, braking tea as well as cooking ingredients. 

In order to improve the effectiveness of the treatment of premature ejaculation in men, it is recommended to combine with herbs and food for kidney, positive, positive physiological enhancement such as deer velvet, tortoise, abalone, ginseng to cook porridge, cellar or alcohol soaked. 

Cordyceps brake tea: Each day, drink about 300ml of cordyceps tea to help improve the resistance, kidney and positive.

Cordyceps in wine soaked: Every day from 15 - 20ml of alcohol soaked in cordyceps helps treat impotence, enhance resistance.

Cordyceps soup cooked eat: with evil chicken, pigeons, quail ... help circulation of blood, impotence and cure ejaculation outside at night.

Cordyceps cordyceps tea

However, if you want to get rid of cordyceps to maximize the effect and eliminate unwanted side effects, you need to consult a specialist for advice.

The above is all useful information about the cause and How to treat premature ejaculation by cordyceps. If you want to order genuine cordyceps please choose Ganoderma supplying Cordyceps 1 quality in Vietnam.

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