According to some information, people still believe that Cordyceps it is the "magic remedy", which helps people to be immune to all viruses, including Covid-19 virus. So how bad is it? Is it really? Cordyceps enhances immunity with Corona virus or not?

Cordyceps is really good for the body
Cordyceps is really good for the body  

Composition and function of cordyceps

In folklore, Cordyceps is used as a valuable medicine to enhance physical health and physiology. According to some experts, Cordyceps contains many essential amino acids for the body, helping the digestive system to function at maximum, leading the necessary organic matter into the body. releasing energy and supplementing the diet of micronutrient deficiency.

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Pham Hung Cung, Former Director of Traditional Medicine Department said: “The composition of cordyceps is so rich that the body cannot produce itself, helping the body to enhance overall health. and basic health, disease prevention. "

Besides, polysaccharide content in cordyceps is extremely high, ranked as quite high in all natural herbs, helping to increase the ability of "phagocytosis" of leukocytes and the immune system. .

In addition, Cordyceps also has a group of adenosine substances that work on the heart rate, good effect on cardiovascular diseases, increase cell growth. For healthy people, this group of substances also provides the ability to increase blood circulation, helping the body to prevent many diseases.

Because of the strong effects on the body and the function of fighting off pathogenic viruses that enter the human body, Cordyceps is thought to be resistant to Corona virus., help people feel secure in using this herb in preventing disease.

Cordyceps should be used regularly for good health
Cordyceps should be used regularly for good health

+ Note: Strengthens, Enhances the Resistance of Cordyceps

Prevention of Corona virus and Cordyceps

In the context of the Corona pandemic, also known as Covid-19, raging along, the selection of effective preventative foods is an extremely safe solution. But you need to follow the Ministry of Health preventive measures to achieve a good result.

Below are the effective Corona virus precautions to keep in mind:

- Restrict to go to public places, crowded people like shops, markets, supermarkets, convenience stores, places of entertainment, ...

- Always wear a mask when going out.

- Always keep the maximum safe distance from the opposite person.

- Use alcohol and gel to wash your hands often after going out and washing your clothes often.

- Always check body temperature. If there are symptoms such as sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, fever, immediately report to the nearest health facility for examination.

- Use good foods for the body such as green vegetables and cordyceps to increase the body's immune system.

Should use more vegetables and fruits to have a good health
Should use more vegetables and fruits to have a good health

Use cordyceps properly

To be able to effectively optimize these Preventive features of Cordyceps, we need to know how to combine cordyceps in daily meals and add protein and protein to the body to bring about the health you want.

Cordyceps actually isn't as difficult to use as some people think. We can soak Cordyceps with alcohol or honey and then use. Or you can also freeze Cordyceps stew with boiling water 800C for about 3-5 minutes to get drinking water and eat the whole body.

Besides, Cordyceps can also make the same dishes such as soups, porridge or stewed with Chinese medicine chicken, distilled with bird's nest. This way not only gives you a delicious meal, but also helps you increase resistance, strengthen the body's immune system, and supplement the necessary substances to protect health.

Especially for people who are in the state of convalescence and relaxation, the elderly, it is necessary to add Cordyceps to the body 1g daily, 2-3 times a day and combine prescription and prescription medications Treatment of doctors.

People with good health should only use 1g of cordyceps once
People with good health should only use 1g of cordyceps once

For healthy people, just use 1g of cordyceps before breakfast and 1 hour after dinner.

Note: Currently on the market, cordyceps mushrooms are rampant with unidentified products. The most typical is the deep whole cordyceps mushroom, its price from over 1 billion VND / hour now sold for several tens of million VND / kg. This is confusing for consumers.

To ensure product quality, the price is suitable for all users. Much cordyceps mushroom farm succeeded in creating a medicinal mushroom with a high pharmaceutical ingredient.

You can buy cordyceps mushrooms at reputable establishments to ensure product quality. Suggest a number of high-class cordyceps mushroom business places: Thien Phuc, Linh Chi Nong Lam (Former member of Technology Business Incubation Center, University of Agriculture and Forestry University in HCMC), cordyhapy ...

With the above, we can easily see Cordyceps enhances immunity with Corona virus and keep the body away from other dangerous viruses that cause disease. Hopefully with the knowledge just shared above will help you and your loved ones have a good health and a healthy immune system this season.

Cordyceps With Health

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