Since ancient times, Eastern Medicine has developed with many good remedies and miraculous remedies that have been handed down to this day. In this article will introduce to you an herb only once used by kings in the old days that has been widely circulated, the prestige is Cordyceps Yanki brand. 

A special herb known for its nature is half-animal, half-plant that has a miraculous effect, effective as in the ancients such as a remedy to help revitalize spring force, improve aging of the field. With the effect of complementing the marrow, complementing the kidneys, only bloody sputum. This is a drug that can cure all illnesses. 


1. Why should choose Cordyceps Yanki  

You should try to buy 1g of Cordyceps or more to use to try, evaluate and feel about Cordyceps of this brand. 

  • By analyzing results at a drug testing center in Ho Chi Minh City, the brand's products are assessed to be of good quality. 

- Commitment to 100% genuine goods, if customers receive fake goods from us will be refunded and double compensation. 

- We deliver goods all over the country for free. When receiving the product you can check and pay when satisfied. 

Real delivery, reputation  
Real delivery, reputation

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2. The effect of cordyceps Yanki

From experiences from ancient times combined with modern music science, it shows that Cordyceps also known as Cordyceps Sinensis has important medicine for human health such as:  

- Cordycepin: An active ingredient found only in cordyceps, is very valuable in medicine. This active substance inhibits the growth of cancer cells, prevents cancer cells from spreading and also can kill large numbers of cancer cells. Besides, Cordyceps is known to the ancients for its use in supporting the treatment of diabetes and pancreatic rehabilitation. 

- Adenosine:It is a type of sugar involved in the process of making DNA, ATP and other active ingredients such as D-manitol, Cordycepin ... capable of supporting the treatment and release of cardiovascular diseases, increasing oxygen in the blood, stabilizing determining blood pressure, reducing cerebrovascular accident ... in addition, it is also capable of controlling hormones, restoring the capacity of bed in both men and women. 

- Cordyceps acid:In the form of D-manitol cod, antibacterial properties are very good for our immune system, reducing blood sugar, diabetes or reducing cough and asthma. 

- Polysaccharide: Also has the body's immune function and increases the body's stamina to inhibit the mass by promoting lymphocyte conversion. 

Inhibiting cancer cells 
Inhibiting cancer cells

3. Those who can use Cordyceps  

- Those who normally need to improve health, increase resistance. 

- People often sick, have poor resistance. 

- For people with cancer who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy. 

- For those who have chronic diseases of liver, kidney, diabetes, heart, respiratory tract, ...  

- People with sexual dysfunction. 

- People with vestibular disorder, or nervousness, nervous tension. 

* Note: Effects may also vary depending on the location of each person. 

Cordyceps used in medicine 
Cordyceps used in medicine

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4. Identification characteristics

The best quality cordyceps is in China (Tibet province). Here are some characteristics to identify Tibetan cordyceps. 

  1. Color:Divided into 2 parts including 'coincidence' and 'draft'. The 'coincident' face is golden brown. 

+ Near the beginning of the 'coincidence' there is a lighter yellow segment (due to the 'draft' part that attracts nutrients). 

+ The 'draft' face has the color of dry branches, near the root of the 'draft' section is slightly yellow, the tip is 'pointed'. 

+ The eyes of the 'coincident' are flat, not protruding and reddish-brown. In some cases, the root part of 'workshop' covers the 'eyes', you only need to scratch it with your fingernail to see the red-brown eye. 

  1. Shape:

+ There are 3 adjacent rings forming 1 block in the back very clearly. 

+ Including 8 pairs of legs: 3 pairs of legs near the head adjacent to each other due to degeneration, 4 pairs between very tight and 1 pair at the tail is very noticeable. 

+ When cut in half will see the nearby section coincides with a black V-shaped, it is the digestive tract. Easy to observe when cut into a plane or have to break quickly. 

  1. Fragrant: When smelling Cordyceps will feel the aroma of mushrooms but a bit strong and fishy. 

5. Some other uses

- Ginseng cordyceps tea: Put 1g of cordyceps, ginseng 3-5g, brake with boiling water for 10p in a closed container and drink tea water instead within 10 days. Uses: utility of positive gas, used for impotence, di fine. 

- Ginseng identical worms ladder: Use 6g ginseng, 3g deer velvet, and 1g Cordyceps. Use small fire to boil 6-10 minutes, boil 2-3 times for drinking water, eat the whole. Uses: kidney tonic waste, tonic blood. Just shared with you the uses, how to use and how to identify Cordyceps Yanki brand. To get enduring health, do not ignore this precious herb.

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