Dr. Hoang Dinh Chan - Director of Hung Viet Cancer Hospital confided, he still cooks his own drinking water instead of tea.
"Go ahead, portable thermos follow"
In the early days of the year, reporter Sohanews had a talk with Dr. Hoang Dinh Chan - Former oncologist specialized in 80s of the last century. Dr. Chan confided, he was originally a surgeon. In the 1980s, he went to work at the Central Lung Hospital, then he transferred to the National Hospital K in the Thoracic Surgery.
Witnessing the increasing rate of cancer in nearly 40 years, Dr. Chan confided, cancer is scary but if taking care of health and taking preventive measures is really no longer a "death sentence" for whoever.
Whenever reading the data about cancer, or from his own experience, Dr. Chan feels obsessed if not regret.
Dr. Chan shared, there are patients he has operated for since 80 and they are still living well after cancer until now. 
Dr. Chan said, at that time there were no chemicals, no radiation, but basically the patient after surgery was to protect himself from cancer cells. Witnessing many patients who have finished lung cancer surgery, they use more ventricular tubers, herbs, good health, so Dr. Chan also filters and creates his own health protection experience.
For example, the case of Mr. Dang Dinh Hung - Father of People's Artist Dang Thai Son is world famous for the piano. Mr. Hung has extended his life to 14 years after surgery.
Or the brother's operation on a journalist performed by Dr. Chan for more than 20 years is still very strong, asking if he often uses more folk remedies such as ventricular, Ganoderma.
Dr. Chan draws from the secret of Mr. Hung or patients living healthy after lung cancer surgery on simply ventricular food and perform healthy living daily. For oncologists such as Dr. Chan, it is necessary to combine traditional medicines to improve the condition of patients in cancer treatment.
He also created his own anti-illness pillows for daily use. Dr. Chan shared that he drank tea from herbs daily on his own hand. The recipe is very simple just Ganoderma, ventricular, black radiation.
All the above ingredients are cooked by Chan Chan to drink instead of green tea, tea or water filter daily. Not only does he drink at home, every day he goes to work, he brings his own thermos and he sees it as the simplest way to take care of himself.
Safe way to detoxify
Dr. Chan said, many people still ask him how he detoxifies to prevent cancer. But his experience is to let the body detoxify itself through the excretion, he only uses a few other good health medications as the body can fight the disease on its own.
Perhaps so, despite being over 60 years old, his friends all have to cope with blood pressure and heart disease and other chronic diseases but Dr. Chan still has a stable blood pressure index, all health checks very good. He also considered it a safe way to clean himself up.
Dr. Chan shared, he has not seen any documents about the abuse Ganoderma Daily drinking is not good.
According to The Shennong scripture manuscript, Ganoderma is a superior medicine - meaning the best herbal medicine, can be used in a long time. Nature Ganoderma As a natural herb should be absorbed into the body by oral, long-term use will have marked results.
According to Eastern medicine books, regular reishi users will see a healthy body, ruddy complexion, significantly better body after only 2 months.
With the ventricles, Dr. Chan said that ventricles are not as hot as people think. The ventricles also contain ginseng-like compounds. Tree parts such as young roots, leaves, and ventricles all contain dammaran saponosids. There are also other valuable components such as amino acids, polyacetylene and panaxytriol ...
In Oriental medicine, the ventricles are classified as the first category of blood only (hemostasis) and blood tonic, improving the health situation. Without ventricles tubers can use daily ventricular flowers are also very good for health, disease prevention.
These are the two main herbs Dr. Chan uses everyday, in addition, he also uses more black radiation but less than the other two. Dr. Chan said that the disease that develops when the body is not healthy, stress and health protection is to prevent cancer is also a way to make the body healthy, healthy cells are healthy, the disease is less visited. than.
 Source Soha.vn

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