One of the herbs that is considered "the fortune of the sky" is the green iron mushroom. Green lim mushroom Naturally occurs in many primitive forests. However, Where is the green lim mushroom growing Having the best quality is still the question of many people. Today. Ganoderma will help you to answer about this problem and know 9 ways to distinguish real green iron mushrooms.

Where are green lim mushrooms growing?

Until now, when talking about green lim mushroom, our people only know that they appear in the forests of Quang Nam. However, green lim mushroom can grow in many areas of our country. Because green lim mushroom is distributed mainly in the primeval forests, especially in the hilly areas with many ironwood trees.

Green lim mushroom grows mainly in primeval forests
Green lim mushroom grows mainly in primeval forests

However, green lim mushroom grows only on perennial green ironwood trees. Currently, green lim mushroom is quite rare in the natural forest due to the changing environment and the forest area is narrowed. In addition, the exploitation of green lim mushroom still faces many difficulties. Therefore, green lim mushroom in the market today is not much and the price is very expensive.

+ Note: How to Distinguish Fake Green Lim Mushroom The Most Simple

Farming green lim mushrooms can use it?

When known the use of forest green mushrooms. Many people often mistakenly believe that cultivated green lim mushroom could not have the great uses like natural green lim mushroom. Therefore, to improve health, support the treatment of incurable diseases, everyone is actively hunting for natural green lim mushroom.

Taking advantage of that mentality of customers, not many traders have tried to put fake green lim mushroom into the market and labeled "natural green lim mushroom". This is the reason why users do not feel the effects of green lim mushroom.

Green iron mushroom cultivated properly techniques still ensure high medicinal properties
Green iron mushroom cultivated properly techniques still ensure high medicinal properties

In fact, the green lim mushroom is cultivated in the right environment, the technology also brings the same effects as the green lim mushroom. Meanwhile, artificial green reishi mushrooms are cheaper than forest reishi mushrooms. Therefore, you absolutely can apply artificial green lim mushroom to health care and treatment.

9 ways to distinguish true green mushrooms - fake

  • The price of green lim mushroom is not less than 4 million VND / kg. Because to get 1kg of dried mushrooms has to go through a lot of difficult stages.
  • The true green lim mushroom is grown in an environment similar to the natural environment, so it will have an irregular shape. As for the fake mushrooms, you will notice that its surface is more uniform.
  • Green lim mushroom will have a lot more hardness than normal reishi mushrooms and fake lim mushrooms.
  • The color of true green lim mushroom will be yellow brown or dark gray. The foot of the mushroom is not too long.
  • In terms of flavor, true green lim mushroom will have a very characteristic aroma and bitter taste. When you smell it, you will feel that your nose has a strong smell to the throat and create a sweet taste.
  • It is true that when cooking water, overnight it will not smell bad. The residue of green lim mushroom after 24 hours is completely stale.
  • The true green lim mushroom will usually have an effect on health right after about 7 days of use. Meanwhile, using fake blue lim mushroom completely the patient did not see his body have changed.
  • The true green lim mushroom will not be widely sold on the market. Especially, there is always a warranty and quality assurance policy for users.
  • The true green lim mushroom has been carefully harvested, preliminarily processed and packaged. Therefore, there will be no mold, shattering.
The true green lim mushroom always has a very unique flavor
The true green lim mushroom always has a very unique flavor

+ Note: 3 characteristics comparing yellow or red Ganoderma better

Where to buy green lim mushrooms to ensure quality?

In fact, green lim mushrooms are not grown as we thought, they are absolutely no effect for health. Only mushrooms that are self-grown at home, grown in gardens that do not guarantee care will not bring about health effects.

Nong Lam University is one of the first pioneers in the technology of cultivating green lim mushroom.

Agroforestry Nong Lam ensures quality and price
Agroforestry Nong Lam ensures quality and price

We always update the latest technology, apply it to our green mushroom growing model. With the application of rigorous techniques, the cultivation time is guaranteed and carefully taken care of. The quality of green lim mushroom that we bring has been tested and confirmed to be effective for user health.

Green iron mushroom's product Ganoderma ensure the quality and absolute safety for the health of users than the green iron mushrooms growing wild in the forest.

Price per kg green iron mushrooms Nong Lam not as high as when customers buy forest green iron mushrooms. Meanwhile, we have policies to ensure the safety and interests of customers. For more information about Nong Lam green iron, do not hesitate to contact the address Please.

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