According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, every year globally, around 12 million people worldwide have cancer worldwide. In Vietnam, about 150,000 people are infected and about 75,000 of them die of the disease. The country has about 250,000 people being treated for cancer (according to Law Protection).

1. Cancer and unpredictable side effects:

Causes of increasing cancer are diverse and mainly due to pollution from water, air and food. What is concerned is that food sources today have many toxic antibiotics added in livestock, poultry, vegetables to preserve and stimulate growth. Unidentified food sources are alarming because they are the leading cause of cancer growth. Over time, the body has awakened the development of malignant tumors, which is now widely available on the market with Vietnamese labels.


Ganoderma eliminates side effects for cancer patients

The increasing number of cancers is mainly due to pollution from water, air and food.


Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapies are the most common cancer treatments. All of these treatments are aimed at destroying cancer cells but during the process of destroying cancer cells will damage healthy tissue, healthy cells of the body. This is the cause of side effects that make patients often lose appetite, nausea, dental problems, digestive tract ... leading to anorexia, fatigue, weight loss, systemic loss. immune system and no longer have enough resistance against infection and can not follow all the treatment. At the same time, can cause serious complications, greatly affect the treatment and potentially life-threatening of the patient.


Uses limited side effects of Ganoderma Nong Lam


According to the survey, up to 30 cancer patients died of exhaustion before dying from cancer cells. Therefore, at this stage, patients need to have proper nutrition and sufficient nutrients. Need to choose the right food before, during and after treatment to help patients cope with side effects. To ensure proper nutrition, patients need to supplement the food of the substance groups: Protein, flour, sugar, fat, essential vitamins, minerals and water. In addition to supplementing these groups of substances, patients need to find out and put into their daily menu the "mushrooms" that contain beta-glucan. Most of the studies on mushrooms containing bete-glucan have the ability to boost immunity, increase resistance and stimulate the production of natural killer cells. So mushrooms are important in our lives. Not only is mushroom a favorite food, suitable for all ages, rich in essential nutrients (such as protein, essential amino acids, rich in minerals ...) but also plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. The product is used to prepare active ingredients that help prevent and support during cancer treatment.


2. Ganoderma is a positive tonic for cancer patients

Ganoderma belongs to the group of Polyporaceae, which is extracted from Ganoderma lucidum, which is a good active aid in cancer treatment because it helps cleanse the body of toxins and helps boost the immune system. Ganoderma It also enhances liver detoxification, thereby improving liver function and stimulating the regeneration of liver cells - making it a very important supplement for people with liver cancer.


Ganoderma eliminates side effects when using radiotherapy to treat cancer patients

Ganoderma reduces toxic side effects and minimizes pain during chemotherapy and radiation.


Ganoderma Used as a supplement during chemotherapy or radiation therapy to reduce side effects such as fatigue, loss of appetite, hair loss, bone marrow suppression and the risk of infection. It also reduces toxic side effects and minimizes pain during chemotherapy and radiotherapy, especially terminal cancer patients to extend their life and improve the quality of life of surname. 

3. The effects of Lingzhi in treating diseases include:


– Ganoderma Helps to strengthen and help regulate the immune and endocrine system, limit tumor growth, improve circulation and eliminate harmful free radicals.


It can also reduce toxic side effects and minimize pain during chemotherapy and radiation


- Strengthen liver detoxification, thereby improving liver function and stimulating regeneration of liver cells.


- Support with ascites cancer, increase appetite and help reduce cancer-related pain in advanced stages.


– Ganoderma Especially effective for kidney disease.


Ganoderma uses for cancer patients


Ganoderma has a strong and long history of improving the immune system and balancing body functions. When body cells are repaired it helps the body's functions to be healthy and balanced.


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