The hot problem of the whole world today is epidemic corona flu because of its spread and there is still no specific vaccine available. Therefore, each person should be self-conscious about their own health, protect themselves by improving their resistance to disease. The following article will share with you the secret to what to eat strengthen resistance to pandemic corona flu season.

What is resistance?

Before you know what to eat to strengthen the resistance, you need to find out what is resistance.

Resistance or the immune system, it is like a shield to protect the body from the invasion of bacteria, viruses, parasites ... cause diseases. Therefore, if the resistance is weak, the immune system is easily destroyed, making the body susceptible to infectious diseases.

The immune system helps the body fight disease
The immune system helps the body fight disease  

There are 2 types of resistance:

  • Natural resistance: is a kind of innate resistance from the body such as: skin, mucous membranes, sensitive fluids. This type of resistance is formed when in the womb.
  • Acquired resistance: is the type that is tolerated from the outside when the body needs such as eating, drinking antibiotics or vaccinating vaccines.

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What do experts say about increasing resistance?

Listen to the top experts in the industry talk about Strengthen the body's resistance Please.

According to Dr. Le Quoc Hung - Head of Tropical Department, Cho Ray Hospital, said: "To increase the resistance, people need to get enough vitamins D, A and C. Accordingly, supplement vitamin A by taking vitamin A periodically, or eat more carrots, pumpkin, carrots. For vitamin C found in vegetables, tubers, fruits, especially fruits such as guava, orange, kiwi, .. Add vitamin D from sun exposure or from the medicine as required. In addition, nowadays people should have reasonable diet, sleep, and sufficient water”. 

(Source: Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper)

Dr. Nguyen Trong Hung - National Institute of Nutrition also recommends that to increase the resistance, people need to eat a variety of foods, giving priority to foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Dr. Hung emphasizes: “Vitamin A is an oil-soluble vitamin, they are very important for the body. Especially for children, vitamin A has the effect of protecting the eyes, preventing night-blindness and dry eye diseases, ensuring the normal development of the skeleton, teeth, protecting the mucosa and skin, enhancing the resistance of The body fights infections. Therefore, attention should be paid to foods rich in vitamin A, especially during this epidemic phase. " 

(Source: Vietnam Life Newspaper)

These foods should be added to strengthen the resistance

Some foods contains many vitamins

  • Citrus fruits like tangerines and grapefruit to provide vitamin C. 
  • Papayas, bananas also contain vitamin C, vitamin B, potassium and especially papain - a digestive enzyme that has anti-inflammatory effects.
Foods that contain lots of vitamins
Foods that contain lots of vitamins
  • Mushrooms: are foods containing unsaturated fats, which help convert into vitamin D, in mushrooms also have polysaccharides - substances that support the immune system.
  • Turmeric, ginger, garlic: this is a food that not only prevents the penetration but also kills viruses when it enters.

Protein group: need to mention beef and seafood: this is a food that provides protein and zinc - a substance that helps the body make white blood cells, helps to strengthen the immune system.

Beef and seafood help boost the immune system
Beef and seafood help boost the immune system

+ Note: Enhances Resistance Of Cordyceps

Starch group: In addition to traditional foods such as rice, it can be tolerated for seeds, oatmeal, yogurt, etc.These foods provide abundant vitamin E and polyphenols - antioxidants and support. Improve immune system.

In addition to eating right, we also need to improve body hygiene, exercise and exercise to improve health and strengthen the body's resistance.

One type of medicine food found by researchers and mentioned in recent years, which is good for the body's immune system is Cordyceps - a rare and precious oriental medicine. born of Ophiocordyceps sinensis.

According to Holliday, J et al. Encyclopedia of supplementary diet Dekker Encyclopedias, Taylor and Francis Publishing, 2005, Cordyceps is a medicine that helps the body increase the amount of white blood cells that help stimulate the immune system to fight infections. Different, very good for the body with weak immune system.

Cordyceps helps stimulate the immune system to fight disease
Cordyceps helps stimulate the immune system to fight disease

Note: Cordyceps mushroom Popular offered on the market today with a variety of products and price segments. In particular, cordyceps is a product that is easy to be counterfeited. Because cordyceps worms have the right origin, the price is up to over 1 billion / tael. Certainly there will be no worm cordyceps type tens of million / kg, you should consider when buying.

Vietnam has now succeeded in cultivating artificial cordyceps with relatively high pharmaceutical content. So Cordyceps in Vietnam Suitable for all types of users.

All you need to do is to find out and choose to buy cordyceps mushrooms at reputable addresses. The brands of cordyceps mushrooms can be referred to as: Thien Phuc, Hoang Gia, Linh Chi Nong Lam (Former member of Technology Business Incubation Center, University of Agriculture and Forestry, Ho Chi Minh City) ...

The above is information on strengthening resistance and scientific views of experts about what to eat to Strengthen epidemic resistance corona flu. Wish you always have a good health to overcome the pandemic offline!

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