Frequently Asked QuestionsCategory: HoneyIs black honey okay?
Ganoderma Staff asked 2 months ago

Two years ago I was given a bottle of honey by my relatives, at that time the color of honey was golden but for a long time my family did not "touch" it even once.

Today wishing to take that bottle of honey to use, I was surprised to see that the honey is black like soy sauce, I wonder if such black honey can still be used or not?

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Ganoderma Staff answered 2 months ago

As you know, honey is a special liquid secreted from the pistil or some
Young leaves of grass in nature. In nature there are many different types of flowers so this characteristic fluid of each flower also has different colors.
When the bee feeds on this flower, it has a clear, yellowish color, but when the bee feeds on another flower, the honey will be dark brown or blue. As analyzed above, no matter what color the honey will change color over time. The longer the honey is, the darker it will be.
If the honey is not well preserved (direct sunlight, at high temperatures), the time it takes to change the color of honey to black will be faster. Under the influence of external environmental factors, the composition of the modified honey is the main cause of the honey becoming black.If the honey is black, with a bitter or sour taste, it means honey. If the bee is damaged, it is best not to use it. In contrast, honey with normal sweetness can still be used even if they are black.

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