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Ganoderma Staff asked 2 months ago

I want to know the difference between natural honey and artificially grown honey how different?

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Ganoderma Staff answered 2 months ago

Honey has long been considered a valuable medicine for human health. Currently there are 2 types of forest honey and farmed honey.
Forest honey is honey taken from wild bees, living in the forest, without human intervention, with a strong aroma and characteristic of honey.
Honey rearing is a type of honey made by humans, taking care of, and taking the hives to pollen places to collect honey. Depending on the type of flower that the bee will suck will taste as well as different colors.
Regardless of honey, they have the same honey nutrition content, including sugars including fructose 35%, glucose glucose 35%, saccharozero 7%, dextrin 3-4%.
Forest honey is very good, but it can be poisonous if the bee absorbs honey from poisonous flowers such as vampas, oval, Datura ... or many other poisonous plants. Forest honey is often squeezed with lots of pollen, so if anyone is allergic to pollen, absolutely do not drink forest honey. Usage time is also lower than that of farmed honey.
Therefore, if you want to save money and still have quality honey to use, you can buy farm honey because the price of farmed honey is much lower than forest honey.

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