Frequently Asked QuestionsCategory: How to Use Lingzhi EffectivelyKorean mushrooms why is the price here cheaper than other places? Is the quality similar to Vietnamese mushrooms or better?
Ganoderma Staff asked 2 years ago

Which is better between Korean Ganoderma and Vietnamese Lingzhi? Ganoderma Korea in Nong Lam is portable or imported directly, bro?

1 Answers
Ganoderma Staff answered 2 years ago

Yes, Ganoderma Korea is the product that some teachers go on business to bring along their notebooks in quantity
Small, rather than imported by the main road should be softer than elsewhere. Regarding quality Ganoderma Korea has equal quality compared to Vietnamese red Ganoderma, however, depending on the suitable location and people who prefer bitter taste more or less to choose. If you like much bitterness then choose Korean Mushrooms. There are people who think that Korean Mushroom is more effective, but there are also people who like Vietnamese Red Lingzhi.

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