Frequently Asked QuestionsCategory: Lingzhi In Treating IllnessCan reishi mushroom be used for children around 11 - 12 years old starting chemotherapy and radiation therapy? Is there any resistance or problem?
Ganoderma Staff asked 2 years ago

Hello Linh Chi Nong Lam,
My child is about 12 years old, has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. I want to buy mushrooms to nourish and support my child's illness, I wonder if it can be used? Use mushrooms resistant to it?

1 Answers
Ganoderma Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello Brother / Sister,
Ganoderma is a neutral food, with no side effects or effects when taken with other drugs.
11-12-year-old babies can use Ganoderma, but if you want them to be used, you can consult a doctor for peace of mind.