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Ganoderma Staff asked 3 months ago

Hi LCNL, I would like to know how to drink green lim mushrooms instead of water daily?

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Ganoderma Staff answered 3 months ago

Reishi mushroom is a valuable remedy with a unique structure of all trace mineral elements of all kinds (119 substances), of which some minerals such as organic germanium, vanadium, chrome ... or polysaccharides and triterpenoids ... which mushrooms bring green has many uses such as:
- Support in the process of cancer treatment: with the unique structure and compound above has been confirmed as an important factor supporting the treatment of cancer patients, inhibiting tumor growth, in addition to having Enhancing the function of the liver to help the liver detoxify, purify the body.
- Effects on the heart: helps regulate blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, blood fat, good for allergies, aging, atherosclerosis, intravascular coagulation, liver detoxification, good for liver patients The kidney helps regulate nerve conduction and protects the structure of the cell nucleus.
- Effects on diabetes: Green lim mushroom may affect carbohydrate metabolism and enhance insulin secretion, reduce postprandial blood sugar levels in some people with diabetes, effective in Relieves the symptoms of a prostate.
In addition, the compound Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides can significantly boost the synthesis of nuclear DNA, and increase algebraic cell division, thus delaying body aging, anti-aging, regular use to help pull the Long service life, beauty skin, anti-nervous breakdown and some chronic diseases.

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