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Ganoderma Staff asked 6 months ago

Hello LCNL! I have liver cancer, do I find out if king's mushroom supports the treatment of liver cancer, I want to know how king's mushroom works to support and prevent liver cancer.

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Ganoderma Staff answered 6 months ago

Hello, Mr / Ms! Vitro experiments have shown that king's mushroom enhances immune defenses, identifies and destroys abnormal cells, revives phagocytes and neutrophils, and enhances the growth of macrophages. Polysaccharrides in rhubarb mushroom helps restore Dendron cells, enhance the secretion of immune cell hormones such as Factor-alpha necrosis tumors, Interleukin-1, Interleukin-2, Interleukin-6, and Interferon Gamma, and Restore the corresponding surname. Unique composition structure of king's mushroom includes trace minerals of all kinds such as germanium, vanadium, chrome ... to help replenish nutrients, enhance health, adjust nerve conduction. Especially the use of rhubarb mushrooms also slow down the time of metastasis of cancer cells, thus limiting the pain caused by the disease, helping patients improve their ability to cope with the disease.
Support to prevent artery blockage: World Health statistics show that the main cause of death for cancer patients is arterial obstruction. Therefore, the use of king fungus with cancer helps limit atherosclerosis and intravascular coagulation, reducing the rate of arterial blockage in cancer patients. Increasing resilience for patients: Clinical research on the use of rhubarb mushroom for cancer patients undergoing surgical removal, radio treatment, and chemotherapy shows helping patients react faster with these therapies, and the patient's ability to recover faster. When used in combination with western medicine, royal jelly helps patients achieve higher results and minimize the side effects caused by western medicine.

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