Frequently Asked QuestionsCategory: How to Choose and Sort GanodermaWhy is the same red lingzhi varieties that have 3 different prices? So is drinking the highest grade the best?
Ganoderma Staff asked 2 years ago

Hi Why is there a difference between three different prices of red Lucid Ganoderma, I tell you the basic difference of those 3 types and when I drink to improve my health, which one is suitable for you?

1 Answers
Ganoderma Staff answered 2 years ago

Yes, there are 3 types of red lingzhi: popular, high-class, different grades of cultivating time, diameter of mushroom ear, meow varieties should have different prices. Depending on economic conditions, the purpose of use, you choose the mushroom accordingly. If you want to drink health support, you can use popular or high-class ones.

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