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Premium Linh Chi Agroforestry products are carefully selected, with each quality mushroom ear and packaged in accordance with standards of preservation and food safety, accompanied by a luxurious gift box will bring effective use. Use the highest, meaningful gift for relatives and friends of customers.

Price: 990,000 

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– Product's name: High Quality Ganoderma Lucidum Box
- Type: Powder
- Price:
 VND 990,000 (Price does not include VAT)

- Ingredients: 100o/o Pure red Ganoderma

  • Protid ≥ 8g

  • Glucid ≥ 19g

  • Humidity ≤ 12o/o

- Made in Viet Nam.

- Net weight: 500G.

- Production date: please see on package.

- Expiry date: 03 years from date of manufacture.

- Preserved in dry, cool place.

(The above price has been donated with 250g Dai Tao Nong Lam)

Using Apple with Ganoderma Lucidum will help promote the effect of conditioning the drug, suitable for people with Korean body.

The apple contains a lot of B vitamins, precursors of vitamin A, E, fiber, minerals, glucides, lipids, organic acids in high levels. The apple is considered a high-energy product, favored by foodies because of its characteristic flavor, easy storage and long-term retention.

According to Oriental medicine, the sweetness of the jujube has a beneficial effect on the spleen, nourishes the sedative, effectively treats people who are weak, eat less, dilute stool, fatigue, insufficient blood, heart palpitations; apples can harmonize herbs, alleviating the irritation and toxicity of some medications. If there is no disease, eating apples is also very beneficial as in "The god of the agriculture manuscript," said: That means eating a lot of apples makes the body elegant, healthy and long.


  1. Using 7 - 10 great apples combined with 7 - 10g Ganoderma (or Green Lim, Thuong Hoang, ...) cook with 2 liters of water within 45 minutes. Great apple will help taste better and regulate the taste of the drug helps to complement the spleen, neutralize the qi.
  2. Great apple is very delicious, so it is often eaten by traditional Chinese medicine like candies. People in medicine often use black apples to treat guests instead of traditional jams. Just limiting sugar but also helps strengthen the body, ...
  3. Using great apples to cook soup, chicken with traditional Chinese medicine, chicken with mushrooms, Lingzhi, ...
  4. Use the sweetness of apples to replace sugar in everyday foods

ATTENTION: Every day use from 5 to 20 apples. Recommended to use no more than 20 fruits in a day.

(See details of the uses of Great Apple of Agriculture and Forestry)


With a unique structure of all trace mineral elements (119 substances), some minerals such as organic Germanium, vanadium, chrome ... or polysaccharides and triterpenoids ... that Ganoderma has many uses as follows:

  • Support in the treatment of cancer: With the unique structure and compound above, it has been confirmed as an important factor supporting the treatment of cancer patients, inhibiting tumor growth, in addition to enhancing the liver function to help the liver detoxify. , purifying the body.
  • Effects on the heart: Helps regulate blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, blood fat, good for allergies, aging, atherosclerosis, intravascular coagulation, liver detoxification, good for liver and kidney patients, helping to regulate nerve conduction neurotransmitter protects the structure of the cell nucleus.
  • Ganoderma effect with diabetes: Ganoderma can affect carbohydrate metabolism and enhance insulin secretion. Reishi has also been shown to reduce postprandial blood sugar in some people with diabetes, effectively reducing the symptoms of a prostate.
  • In addition, the compound Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides can significantly accelerate the synthesis of nuclear DNA, and increase algebraic cell division, thus delaying body aging, anti-aging, prolonged use. longevity, beautiful skin, anti-nervous breakdown and some chronic diseases.
On the same type of Ganoderma market, but why is the price difference from 600,000 VND to 5 million VND / 1kg? Dr. Nguyen Van Hieu P. Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Agriculture and Forestry, has shared the true story of the program "Real Value" by HTV 7. He said it is important to understand the following:
1. The same kind of Lingzhi but the price difference many times due to the following reasons:
- Ganoderma in the market will There are differences in pharmacological ingredients even though it is one species and all grown in Vietnam and look exactly the same, it is necessary to choose a reputable brand, understand the mechanisms, the process of forming and understanding the farming production techniques. best quality guarantee. The difference is due to the materials used, for example, the material grown on sawdust of trash trees will not be as good as the rubber tree, but the material is rubber sawdust grown on basalt red soil. for the highest medicinal ingredient guarantee. Some manufacturers will use trash sawdust to lower production costs and not even put some necessary materials into the mushroom growing facility to lower costs and of course the pharmaceutical quality will not be the best. 
- Conditions of care and growth medications will increase productivity and reduce quality even dangerous to health, this if buying Lingzhi mushroom floating will not guarantee quality, looks the same but the pharmaceutical quality The calculation may vary. Especially the quality of pure Ganoderma will give superior quality of mushrooms, using the type of pure Mushroom will yield but not high quality.
 - Harvesting young mushrooms also significantly reduces the quality of pharmaceuticals, so you see that foreign mushrooms will not have chalk layers (the spores because they harvest young or have their own spores of drug preparation). Why do they harvest young mushrooms beneficial? Because it will shorten the planting time to 1/2 but the yield is still guaranteed, only the quality is not guaranteed. Ganoderma takes 1 to 2 months just to produce the pollen layer, so the dishonest economists cannot stand this time by not helping them increase sales.
 2. Compared to Ganoderma of China and South Korea, in terms of quality, style, size ..., how is Vietnam's mushroom evaluated, especially Ganoderma Lucidum - A fairly familiar brand with many people?
Comparison of designs, sizes: Korean reishi mushroom has the highest weight, big ears, thick and hardest, the underside has a lemon yellow color (Korean mushroom ear mushroom from 15cm to 40cm) Ganoderma Korean tastes bitter. 
Japanese reishi mushroom ear mushroom smaller (from 6cm to 15 cm), thick and very hard mushroom ears, the underside also has a lot of bitter lemon but has a characteristic aroma. 
Vietnamese reishi mushrooms are smaller than Korean ear ears and the size is similar to Japanese mushroom ears (6cm to 18cm), however Vietnamese mushrooms are softer and more porous and the underside is opaque white. When drinking Linh Chi Nhat mushroom is the most bitter then Korean and Vietnamese mushrooms are less bitter.
Quality comparison: Although Vietnamese mushrooms vary in shape, size and taste compared to Japanese and Korean Lingzhi, Vietnamese medicinal mushrooms are not inferior to these types, in terms of quality. The quality of Ganoderma Nhat (Japanese cultivated in Vietnam) has higher medicinal properties, followed by Korean Ganoderma and Vietnamese Lingzhi, which is especially important that Chinese Ganoderma is very similar to Korean Korea and Korean labeling are difficult to distinguish and most cheap Korean reishi are of Chinese origin, so Vietnamese mushrooms are not inferior but safe because they are easy to produce under Vietnamese soil conditions. .
Ganoderma Ganoderma is a pure red Lingzhi (chained) that has been tested to achieve good medicinal properties in Lingzhi in Vietnam, so it is propagated and stored at Linh Chi Nong Lam. In addition, Ganoderma Ganoderma has developed and produced Japanese Lingzhi supplied by a Japanese partner with very good medicinal properties. Reishi mushrooms look almost the same appearance but there are many varieties and quality are also different so should choose a reputable basis.
3. Currently, some people say that there are fake Lingzhi on the market. According to TS, whether or not this fungus and (if any) how to create them, how to distinguish true - fake?
The most common fake Ganoderma is still a nutrient extract, usually without spores (Spores are the reproductive organs of Mushrooms, the brown chalk on the ears Mushrooms have very high medicinal properties. Should use this mushroom must use this part as well). In addition, Ganoderma is made from pressed sawdust because it is very similar to the fruit of Ganoderma, but this type is less recent because Ganoderma now has technology to produce, using Ganoderma is not as expensive as People think that just spending every day with the amount of a cup of coffee can be used very well for health.
In order to distinguish true reishi mushrooms, the most accurate way is to analyze the medicinal ingredients, if it is not possible, by the senses, for example, the characteristic smell of the mushrooms (must be used by someone who knows). If perceived by the senses, it is difficult because the current technology of fake Lingzhi is very sophisticated, if it drains all the nutrients like it is very difficult to distinguish. 
4. In addition, around this issue, do you have any other ideas to share with the television audience?
In order to avoid buying fake goods of poor quality, you should choose reputable, branded, tested, and not expensive farms because of the potential for many risks, the mushrooms collected in the forest. in the mountains it is also unsafe because of uncontrolled pollution and breeding, some fungi look similar but breed unhealthy.
For growers Mushrooms should not use any medicine, growth agents have little effect, but the productivity is due to the breeding stage and the use of first-class tamarind. to protect, shield and smooth water of all kinds of bugs coming from the ground up, strictly without using medicines.
 Colors of drinking water: Use about 5 - 7 grams of Lingzhi (about 3-4 slices) of decoction with 2 liters of water, boil, continue to simmer for about 15-30 minutes, can be cooked 2-3 times to extract all medicinal ingredients Fungus count (people who are treating diseases use a dosage of 10g-15g).
 Used as tea: Put 3-5 grams of Ganoderma mushrooms (about 4 slices) into 1 liter of boiling water, brake for about 15-30 minutes. Drinking all the water can add new water.
 Pickled wine: To soak Ganoderma wine, you take dried Ganoderma mushrooms to whole pieces or sliced, soaked with strong liquor. After 2 weeks you can use it. Use up all the wine you can pour new wine into. Do so continuously until the alcohol no longer smells Lingzhi. (On average, from 5 to 7 turns, Linh Chi should be replaced).
Cook into dishes and remedies: Ganoderma soup cooked with meat or to distill, stew .. into a unique Lingzhi soup with bitter taste, nourish the body for those who have just recovered, need milk and the elderly.
Pulverize: It can be a little annoying for users because of its insolubility, but this is the best way to use as recommended by scientists. (Linh Chi Nong Lam has Linh Chi powder product that is very handy).
 Note: People in the process of being treated take daily dosages from 10g to 15g.
 Additional attention:
 Ganoderma should be used in combination with pure honey instead of water daily to detoxify will increase the use of Ganoderma, taking with Ganoderma not only makes Ganoderma water delicious but also increases efficiency pharmacological properties. People with poor digestive system should use warm water, should not drink cold, in addition patients with stomach pain, cancer, hepatitis, cirrhosis, hypertension, insomnia ... In addition to using Ganoderma should be used with Honey, Turmeric will be very good for health, increase resistance and especially will promote the use of Ganoderma mushrooms, so regular use daily will see a marked increase in health and anti-disease. Aging in the body, increasing life expectancy.
 When used, there will be symptoms of urination many times (showing that mushrooms have the effect of purifying and eliminating toxins in the body). 
 Vitamin C is also recommended to be used with Ganoderma because it helps the body absorb more than the superior substances contained in Lingzhi. Studies show that vitamin C turns complex polysaccarides into smaller components, making it easier for the body to absorb.
Linh Chi Nong Lam products are selected and packaged in accordance with standards of preservation and food safety, will bring the highest efficiency for customers.




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Note: This food is not a medicine, it does not replace medicine



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