The use of cordyceps is more and more creative by humans in the way it is processed into dishes, drinks that are both delicious and nutritious. Cordyceps can be used as raw materials to cook porridge, soup, wine soaked, braking tea ... depending on different needs and purposes will apply with appropriate methods. However, there are still some taboos that will reduce the use of cordyceps. So What is the right thing to use when using cordyceps? We find out in the article offline.

Using cordyceps to avoid what to achieve the best effect?

Using cordyceps to avoid what is new right?

With the benefits of cordyceps for health has been announced by scientists. If used properly, there is nothing more wonderful. Therefore, in order to maximize the use of inherent herbs, users need to avoid the following taboos:

  • Using too high temperatures and processing for too long is the first taboo. Using the temperature to cook food will not affect the use of cordyceps. However, if you use the temperature too high and simmer for a long time is a different matter. Because the beneficial nutrients in cordyceps will easily decompose at high temperatures.
  • Do not let the fire is too high or let the cordyceps cook for too long. The perfect processing time for cordyceps should only be within an hour. Note that the fire must be adjusted to a small and medium level. The dishes from cordyceps can apply: braised duck with Cordyceps, evil chicken stewed with cordyceps, cordyceps hotpot with mushrooms and greens ...
  • Not only taboo with too high temperatures, cordyceps also taboo when processing with materials from metal and plastic. The active ingredient in cordyceps may be converted into a carcinogenic toxin, if used with processing equipment made from the same material. It is best to use utensils like earthenware to ensure absolute safety. Specific examples of things to avoid: aluminum pots for cooking, plastic ca for braking tea ...
  • Using innocence, not according to indications is a taboo to remember: knowing that using cordyceps will bring many practical benefits. But not so that we can use it in a blameless way. Using too much cordyceps without following the instructions of a physician, will endanger the users themselves. Most specifically, there is an increased risk of kidney failure.

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Cordyceps contains many essential nutrients that are extremely useful. The price is quite high, so to deserve the money you spend, when using it, you must make use of all those nutrients. No unjustly wasted. So users should remember and strictly follow the above taboos.

Glassware should be used to process cordyceps

Who should use cordyceps?

People increasingly favor cordyceps, because of the evidence of their benefits. Who should use cordyceps: 

  • People who are sick or just getting up are in need of compensation.
  • Men with erectile dysfunction, weak physiological needs, are sperm.
  • People often exposed to toxic environments.
  • People who do heavy work, are easily injured.
  • Women want to beautify their skin naturally, prevent aging from within.
  • Elderly people use cordyceps to help maintain good health, prolong life.
  • Children need to be provided with enough nutrients to develop comprehensively.
  • People who suffer from headaches, stress, and signs of depression.
  • Normal people, when using cordyceps, are enhanced health and toughness.

Elderly people use cordyceps to maintain health, prolong life

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Who should not use cordyceps?

Although cordyceps is very benign, not all conditions can adapt to it. The following subjects should not be used in cordyceps:

  • Pregnant and lactating women should not arbitrarily use cordyceps. Although there is no evidence that cordyceps can cause harm, before using it to consult a doctor or physician, to ensure absolutely no negligence for both mother and baby.
  • People who unfortunately have a blood clotting disorder are also not allowed to take cordyceps. Will make the condition worse.
  • People preparing to enter the surgery 15 days prior to absolutely no use. Because active ingredients in cordyceps will make blood flow non-stop during the surgery.
  • With that said, cordyceps can help children develop comprehensively. But note the appropriate age for children to use must be from 5 years old.

Using cordyceps to avoid something then we all know through the information in the article. Another great caveat is not using cordyceps when they are identified as poor quality. Need to use good quality cordyceps to really nourish the body properly. This should also be noted that we should buy cordyceps in reputable business locations, have clear quality assurance documents, and avoid buying fake products. 

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