Coconut Oil (Coconut Oil) is an excellent source of nutrients that are beneficial for health and beauty. Coconut oil is over 90 saturated fats and has antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties and it helps the body absorb other minerals. Coconut oil also provides components that aid in the treatment of heart disease, hypertension, kidney, diabetes and cancer, while helping to improve bone quality.
Coconut oil is composed mostly of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which have been shown to have many health benefits.
Composition of coconut oil
Short and medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs): Most of the fats we consume are long chain fatty acids that must be broken down before they can be absorbed. Coconut oil is high in short and medium chain fatty acids, which can be easily digested and sent to the liver immediately for energy production.
Because MCFAs are sent right to the liver for digestion, there is no bile or pancreatic enzyme needed for digestion, making coconut oil a healthy food even for people with diabetes or those with gallbladder problems.
MCFAs can help boost metabolism because they are sent directly to the liver and provide the body with an immediate source of energy. Most of the MCFAs in coconut oil are beneficial lauric acid.
Lauric acid: Lauric acid is found in the composition of breast milk and converted into a substance called monolaurin in the body. Monolaurin has been shown to be helpful in increasing immunity, fighting viruses and diseases.
The lauric acid in coconut oil combined with oregano oil, has even been found to be more effective against staph bacteria than antibiotics. Lauric acid has also been shown to prevent certain cancers.
Coconut oil is more than 40 lauric acid, the richest natural sources available.
Vitamins – E, K and minerals: This will keep your hair & skin healthy, along with keeping your organic system running smoothly by providing beneficial minerals.
The use of coconut oil
Here are the common effects of coconut oil that you can use every day.
Moisturizing skin: Coconut oil has long been used to beautify the skin before its health benefits were found. Coconut oil is like a moisturizer suitable for all skin types, even dry skin. The best thing is that there are no side effects, you don't have to worry like using moisturizers available on the market. Regular use of coconut oil helps prevent aging, skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and other skin infections.
Weight loss: The composition of coconut oil contains most of medium-chain fats (MCFAs) so that when absorbed, they are easily delivered to the liver for digestion to create energy. An important factor is that it contains ingredients that inhibit appetite, use 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil, cravings will not last.
Energy boost: Some studies show that using coconut oil enhances alertness and replenishes energy during work.
Reduce Cholesterol: Regular use of coconut oil will reduce bad cholesterol. This will reduce the risk of arterial injury, helping to prevent atherosclerosis. Improving these cardiovascular risk factors will help lower your blood pressure levels and reduce your risk of heart disease over the long term. People with a family history of heart disease may benefit from adding coconut oil to their diet on a daily basis to reduce their risk.
Blood glucose control: Coconut oil helps control blood sugar levels by releasing insulin during absorption. A recent study conducted at Garvan Medical Research Institute found that the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil help reduce the risk of diabetes very well.
Anti-fungal: Coconut oil has antibacterial, fungal, and viral properties that protect the body from viral, fungal and bacterial infections.
Remove stretch marks: Coconut oil can effectively reduce the appearance of stretch marks due to lack of moisture and oxidation. The healthy saturated fats in coconut oil will help strengthen the skin's cell walls and its antioxidant properties help fight free radicals and nourish damaged skin.
This oil is absorbed deeply into the skin very quickly when rubbed into the affected area. Along with stretch marks, coconut oil also helps treat various skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections.
Strengthening and supplementing calcium: Coconut oil helps the body easily absorb calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium and other important minerals. Calcium and Magnesium are two important minerals for maintaining and protecting strong bones. For middle-aged women, regular use of coconut oil significantly reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
Health experts even suggest adding pure coconut oil to children to improve bone and joint health.
In Cooking:Coconut oil, unlike other vegetable cooking oils, does not break down chemical bonds at high temperatures, is not rancid and has excellent nutrients. If you often eat eggs, chips, baked goods .. then coconut oil is a great choice for you.
Lotion: Use coconut oil to remove make-up, moisturize and remove skin slime effectively. It makes the skin extremely smooth and especially has excellent antibacterial, bactericidal properties that help prevent and treat acne. You can use after bathing to help skin smooth, whiter.
In the winter, you can use it to moisturize and prevent dry, cracked skin.
Massage Essential Oils: Using coconut oil as a massage oil is excellent, it has a gentle smell and helps quickly reduce fatigue, aches and pains after a hard working day. When massage with coconut oil also helps to beautify the skin throughout the body.
Wax: Using coconut oil in the bathroom as a shaving soap helps to shave gently, without irritation and burning.
Use coconut oil
The use of coconut oil is undisputed, this is an invaluable gift of nature for women to beauty and health care. Here are 40 ways to use coconut oil daily that we can use without having to worry about health.
Make ice cream (There are many ice cream recipes using coconut oil, you can look for more).
If you have acne, rub coconut oil on it. Extremely quick effect.
Use coconut oil instead of shaving cream and moisturizer, your skin will not be dry, irritated.
Use coconut oil for cooking like frying, baking .. (use pure coconut oil).
Use to remove makeup.
Apply to skin to form a moisturizer.
Rub into hands and apply gently on hair to eliminate curly, hard, tangled hair.
Smooth onto dry hair and wait for 30 minutes before bathing to moisturize hair.
Lightly apply to lips as a great moisturizer in the winter.
Foaming and applying to the skin as a night cream.
Replace butter in cooking, or cooking oil when baking (especially bread) and make fried foods like potatoes, peanuts, etc.
Apply to the areas of foot fungus.
In the winter, you can add a spoonful of coconut oil to tea to prevent flu and cold symptoms.
Used as a lubricant (during sex).
Use as a massage essential oil.
Making Chocolate Candy (Will update in the article in the Eating and Drinking section)
Adding a spoon of coconut oil to a cup of coffee will make you feel much more delicious and refreshing.
Rub into the scalp to stimulate hair growth and to eliminate dandruff.
Apply topically to soothe chickenpox, fungi and eczema.
Rub underarms as a natural deodorant.
Use with toothpaste to make teeth healthier.
Regular use to enhance thyroid function.
Can be used to remove tattoos.
Use with baking soda, or rice bran to make a mask.
Rubbing nails can make them grow faster.
Rub on the elbows and legs to make the skin smooth.
In makeup, to make the cheeks more beautiful, use coconut oil.
Use regularly on the skin to remove signs of aging, wrinkles.
Use to make dishes, smoothies (go to Eat and Drink to do it together).
Use to make salads.
Use topically to kill bacteria and eliminate yeast infections.
Use about 2 tablespoons daily to boost your metabolism.
Coconut oil can polish your leather shoes and leather tops.
Rubbing under the eyes can help reduce fatigue and stress when working too much.
Apply to burns, scrapes, and cuts to avoid infection and speed up the healing process.
Removing chewing gum from your hair: Rub coconut oil into the place where gum sticks, wait 30 minutes to gently remove it from the smoke of your hair.
Helps remove dandruff, lice, lice for children, even for animals such as dogs, cats ..
Adding to the animal's food helps to keep their breath free, especially dogs.
Cleaning and disinfecting knives, wooden cutting boards with coconut oil.
Massage regularly to the skin to reduce the appearance of calluses and varicose veins.

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