To meet the needs of current consumers Cordyceps is processed into many different forms such as powder, water, and raw fiber. These forms exist in different forms, different processing methods, but the medicinal properties and nutrition remain the same. However, consumers still like to use it Cordyceps cordyceps than.

What is Cordyceps fiber?

In all forms of cordyceps today, consumers love and use a lot of fiber. Cordyceps are divided into 2 types: fresh and dried. The two forms differ only in storage time and in pharmaceutical properties and nutrients remain the same. 

For fresh filamentous cordyceps, it is recommended that experts use it within 14 days. In the dry form, it has a longer use time and should be kept in a cool, dry place.

Cordyceps cordyceps

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How to preserve cordyceps cordyceps

Compared to other forms of Cordyceps, the fresh form is somewhat more difficult to preserve. To preserve the original nutritional value, it is necessary to be very careful. Here are some for everyone to note to preserve fresh Cordyceps best.

Other cordyceps, the fresh form is somewhat more difficult to preserve

If you still want to keep it fresh, just preserve it like any other food. Take the sealed bag and put it in the refrigerator compartment, pay attention to keep it away from food and not on it. But there is a note that fresh cordyceps should only be used within 10-14 days, the taste and nutrients remain the same. If you buy a lot but have not used up, there are some suggestions for storage as follows:

- Dry under direct sunlight and then tightly closed in a bag. After that to preserve for a long time, so put in an open place, with natural light. However, it is advisable to avoid too much wintering and to check regularly to avoid external influences that cause problems such as mold and mildew.

- Or you can use preservation by soaking honey, soaking alcohol, there are many people using this method to preserve. The first thing you need to wash the cordyceps with warm water and drain. Then put in a glass jar and pour in alcohol or honey. With this method of storage, you can rest assured for a long time and after 1 month can use the finished product. 

These preservation methods are very simple, anyone can do it while maintaining the original nutritional value. Hopefully the above will help you preserve this rare herb.

Usage Cordyceps cordyceps

Cordyceps cordyceps

- Eat raw: Those who eat are very good, after washing, soak 0.5 to 1g of dry fiber in 100ml warm water of 70 degrees for 2-3 minutes and then eat.

- Processing with dishes: You can put in the stew soup about 1g of fiber before turning off the stove about 5 minutes and note eating when it is still hot.

- Can use retard tea: For dry type take 0.5 to 1g fiber add 4g ginseng or tea with 300ml boiling water in a thermos bottle. After about 10 minutes can use.

Porridge: When making porridge for the sick, you can take 1g of fiber to porridge 5 minutes before turning off the heat. 

- Use to soak wine: For soaking wine, need to wait about half a month after soaking can use. Take 15g of dried fiber, equivalent to 150g of fresh water, into a glass jar of 1800ml of wine 30 to 40 degrees. Use 30ml daily 30 minutes before bed.

- Use to soak honey: Get about 500ml of honey soaked with 15g dry corresponding to 150g fresh. After half a month can use, take 2-3 teaspoons of coffee mixed with 100ml of warm water, so drink in the morning when you wake up.

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Notes when using Cordyceps cordyceps

Cordyceps cordyceps
Cordyceps cordyceps

- Cordyceps is a very good herb and is used for many subjects, but not used arbitrarily. Everyone has different health condition and dosage should be different. Firstly know your health status and consult with your doctor before use. Because of the pharmacological properties, if used in inappropriate doses or excessive abuse can cause kidney failure, sudden nosebleeds, excessive excitement, insomnia.

- When you put in the stew or for the dishes, pay attention not to stew too long and at too high temperatures. Doing so will cause decomposition of the nutrients contained in cordyceps. Therefore usually only 1 hour before tunneling is best and pay attention to low heat. When stewing, you should use earthenware or porcelain pot to keep the original taste.

- Children with fever should not be used because cordyceps is warm, if fever can use it can make children worse

- Not recommended for children under 5 years old and pregnant women.

- Only use the right dose suitable for the body recommended by the doctor.

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Where should buy Cordyceps Vietnam fiber where

Currently, Vietnam has developed technologies and processes that ensure the production and processing of quality cordyceps products on par with those of other countries. Therefore, doctors and experts recommend that people should use cordyceps products in the country. 

There is a brand that many customers use and recommend to friends to use Cordyceps Nong Lam. All products manufactured here are quality assurance and recognized by the Ministry of Health.

Certificate of compliance with food safety regulations for cordyceps in Nong Lam

Certainly with the nutritional values that Cordyceps will not disappoint you. Protect the health of you and your family today.

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