Red Lingzhi mushroommentioned in Shen Nong manuscript of Ly Thoi Tran as a good herb for wisdom and skin. Modern research shows that Ganoderma Lucidum is an excellent beauty fungus with anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory, stain removal, skin protection, hair shine and maintaining a state of mind. fresh.
Chinese doctors believe that the skin is due to the environment inside your body. Facial skin is affected by the mind and organs in your body, for example, people with liver disease are yellow, dull and irritable. People with spleen disease look pale, people with kidney disease look bored. Healthy skin color reflects your body's health, morale and good spirits. People whose bodies are physically ill and lacking vitality cannot have beautiful, vibrant skin, your skin looks dull, lacks inherent flexibility, and lacks shine.
Uses Ganoderma red Helps regulate and improve the efficiency of the five organs, nourishing the blood to help the body return to health to achieve beauty Red Lingzhi mushroom impact on all of these adjustments. One thing that is indisputable is that the health of the body has great significance in helping to beautify the skin, it is not simply "whitening anti-wrinkle skin," but in the sense of a true beauty, a "Beauty from the inside out."

Modern scientific research of Lingzhi has shown that Red Lingzhi mushroom also contains melanin inhibitors and other beneficial trace elements, can reduce free radicals and accelerate cell regeneration, increase skin thickness and increase skin, lip collagen. The polysaccharide can maintain and regulate skin moisture and restore skin elasticity to make the skin moisturized, delicate, shiny, smooth.

Using red lingzhi regularly helps protect your health

In addition, recent research agrees that constipation is an enemy of beauty, directly affecting the quality of the skin.

The intestine is an important organ for the absorption of nutrients, if too much toxin accumulates inside, it will make the blood dirty, increasing the burden of the liver and kidneys in detoxification. At this time, the skin will be wrinkled, lack of vitality and smooth shine. The first and most essential thing to regain the true beauty of skin is to improve intestinal function. Red Lingzhi mushroom Help regulate normal intestinal bacteria, enhance peristalsis of the colon to treat constipation. This is the basic solution to prevent skin aging.

According to science magazine 2012 ″

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