Cordyceps It is a rare and healthy herb. However, cordyceps has medicinal properties, so not everyone can use it and use it with any dosage. Each person has different health and location, so the dosage is also different. Taking the wrong dose can lead to a number of consequences. So People with hypertension should use cordyceps or not? Research The effect of cordyceps on people with high blood pressure right after.

Cordyceps with high blood pressure

Causes and complications of high blood pressure

- Reason: 

The leading factors that cause high blood pressure: the elderly are the elderly, hereditary, sex, eating, living ... In addition, people who are overweight, smoke, use a computer a lot, diseases like diabetes ... can also have high blood pressure.

- Symptoms:

 People with high blood pressure can still function normally and are not dangerous. Complications of this disease are extremely dangerous, causing many health effects such as: myocardial infarction, peripheral artery disease, eye disease, if serious can cause death ...

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The effects of Cordyceps in high blood pressure

- People with hypertension can use Cordyceps but need to pay more attention than others. According to technological studies, Cordyceps helps lower blood pressure for people with hypertension.

- In the cordyceps contains substances including Cordycepin, Adenosine, Polysaccharide are substances that reduce blood cholesterol levels. For people with high blood pressure, the amount of cholesterol in the blood is high, clinging to the walls of the arteries to make hardened blood vessels causing high blood pressure. When using cordyceps, the amount of cholesterol in the blood decreases and makes the blood vessels elastic and soft, the blood pressure will decrease.

- People with high blood cholesterol levels such as high blood pressure, diabetes obesity, ... Should use Cordyceps regularly according to the instructions of a doctor.

- Scientists have clinically proven that Cordyceps is a valuable herb, valuable and does not cause side effects. Therefore patients can be used as a long-term remedy to help prevent and treat high blood pressure and other diseases. But when using should pay attention to the amount recommended by the doctor, should not be overused.

Cordyceps is a precious herb, valuable and does not cause side effects

In addition, Cordyceps also support other diseases such as kidney diseases, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, help fight aging, insomnia, stress ... Especially also works to help women Rejuvenate the skin, improve skin to whiten, smoother, more shiny

In addition to using Cordyceps, what should high blood pressure people do?

For people with hypertension, in addition to using Cordyceps to support blood pressure adjustment, the following should be done in life:

What should people with high blood pressure do when using cordyceps?

  • Make an appropriate diet and exercise plan: Reduce your intake of foods high in animal fat, increase your intake of leafy greens, drink enough water as recommended, and supplement with potassium. Avoid doing stressful work, heavy work for too long ...
  • Have an appropriate exercise plan to exercise your health.
  • Control food intake and weight.

Is Cordyceps Vietnam good?

Although Cordyceps has been cultivated in Vietnam, the prices of Cordyceps are not cheap. In our country, the price of imported coincidence is quite high, the type of drying can be up to 2 billion VND / kg. But Cordyceps in Vietnam is cultivated on a large scale and without additional import prices, so the price is about VND 20 million to VND 300 million / kg.

Cordyceps cordyceps

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Although the price is cheaper, it can be confirmed that Cordyceps is not inferior in terms of nutrition and quality compared to foreign countries. All cultivation and production processes meet the standards of the Ministry of Health. There have been many studies and consumers have confirmed that the quality of Vietnam's cordyceps is similar to that of imported ones. 

The important factors to confirm the quality of Cordyceps must include the clear origin and price. In addition to pricing and understanding of Cordyceps, it is necessary to find a reputable address specializing in providing Cordyceps of clear origin and quality assurance.

Currently on the market there are many companies specializing in cultivating and processing Cordyceps. Including Cordyceps Nong Lam rated as a leader in terms of quality. Agroforestry has been cultured and processed into many forms such as fresh fibers, dried fibers, tubes, ... All types of cordyceps are loved by consumers.

Certificate of compliance with food safety regulations for cordyceps in Nong Lam

Through today's article, hope everyone understands the effects of Cordyceps on high blood pressure. And if you need to use it  Cordyceps Nong Lam to buy the best and most reliable products.

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