Not only is the "cosmetic" great for the skin and hair, coconut oil is also a "panacea" that protects you from the risk of dangerous, chronic diseases.

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Target fat, reduce fat

Few would expect this fatty oil to be able to burn fat, helping to lose weight. In the composition of coconut oil containing MCTs fat has the effect of increasing energy in the body but does not cause obesity. The evidence shows that supplementing with 15 - 30 grams of MCTs fat per day will increase the body's energy within 24 hours but does not cause fat mechanism.
Especially for the "owner" of the big waist should give priority to add coconut oil into the diet. By a study of women of the obese category, they were asked to add 30ml of coconut oil daily for 12 weeks.
Results showed that the waist size of the study participants decreased by an average of 2.86 cm over 4 weeks. Researchers say waist circumference will be more impressive if you combine coconut oil in your diet with a regular, regular workout routine.

Cut the risk of heart disease

Coconut oil contains saturated fat, it is not harmful to blood fat, it even raises good cholesterol. In a study involving 40 people, coconut oil reduced bad LDL cholesterol and increased the amount of good cholesterol in HDL blood. Connecting with coconut oil is also a way for you to "ban signs" with cardiovascular disease.

Fight dementia

This is a common disease in the elderly makes the brain's ability to remember increasingly empty. According to American research results, the fat contained in coconut oil has the ability to improve the functioning of the brain, increase creativity, avoid the risk of dementia.

Refined with diabetes

Not all types of fat are "enemies" for people with diabetes. Unlike other types of fat, the regular use of coconut oil to replace other types of fat will work to prevent and contain diabetes. In addition, it also helps prevent atherosclerosis, stimulates blood circulation and controls the risk of diabetes complications to cardiovascular disease.
In fact, many people with diabetes report that when they add coconut oil to their food, their blood sugar levels become more stable, even when they eat sweet. If sugar levels are high, instead of taking extra medicine, someone takes 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil, and blood sugar levels drop to normal within 30 minutes.

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