When it comes to health problems, the immune system is always mentioned first. It can be said that the immune system directly affects human health. However, due to the changing environment and unhealthy living habits, the immune system is affected.

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Since then, the body has many problems and appears potential dangers. So how to increase resistance, the immune system effectively? Ganoderma We invite you to follow the article below for more information Summary of ways to increase resistance, immune system Please.

What is the body's immune system?


You can simply understand that the immune system is a network of special cells, proteins, organs, and tissues. All of these factors work together to protect the human body against the microorganisms, parasites, bacteria and viruses found in everyday life.

The immune system is like an "armor" that protects the body from pathogens
The immune system is like an "armor" that protects the body from pathogens

The most important immune system is the white blood cell, which consists of two basic types that work together to search and eliminate infectious organisms.

Moderate immune system is "Wall" protection, medium is "Brave army" in attacking and destroying harmful factors to the body. A series of steps takes place to destroy the pathogen of the immune system called the immune response.

The immune system has a more complex structure and is evenly distributed throughout the body. Include:

Tonsil throat Gastrointestinal system Lymph nodes
Bone marrow Skin Spleen
Thin mucous membranes inside the nose, throat and genitals    

The role of the immune system on the body

Protect the body from infection

The immune system is considered the body's natural defense system. Thanks to the active immune system, the body fights the invasion of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and even fungi.

Create antibodies against old disease

Every human body is born with a certain level of immunity and resistance. Depending on the external support, the immune system may gradually improve over time. The strength and strong connection of the immune system help to repel pathogens.

However, the causative agent exists in the environment that we come into contact with every day. Therefore, the immune system also has the task of creating a "armor" to prevent the invasion of the pathogens that once caused the body back.

The role of the immune system is to protect the body from infection
The role of the immune system is to protect the body from infection

Subjects at risk of impairment of the immune system

Immunodeficiency disorders can occur in many different subjects. However, some subjects that are vulnerable to weakened immune systems are:

+ People with genetic genes, there are people in the family with immunodeficiency disorders.

Any cause that weakens the immune system can lead to disorders of the immune system.

+ Protein plays an important role in protecting the functioning of the immune system. A protein-deficient diet will also weaken the body's immune system.

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Immune system decline by what causes

»Causes of immunodeficiency in young children

»» Overfeeding, unscientific diet

Not necessarily for children to eat too much, additional large amounts of nutrients will help the body stay healthy. Food intake too much if not fully digested can generate heat, causing digestive disorders, reducing immunity in children.

In addition, unscientific diets, for children to absorb a certain amount of substances too much, such as sugar, fat ... will also weaken the immune system.

According to studies, only 75-100 grams of sugar consumed reduces the ability of white blood cells to attack bacteria.

»» Clean the baby's body through the speakers or too clean

When parents neglect to maintain the hygiene of children will inadvertently create conditions for bacteria to attack the body. This makes the child's immune system weakened.

Keeping children clean and hygienic is very necessary, but not too clean. When children are wrapped in an excessive clean environment. By the time children are exposed to the outside environment, even a little dirt will make the body difficult to adapt, thereby weakening the immune system and causing disease.

A weakened immune system may be due to the hygiene of the baby being too clean and unable to adapt to the environment
A weakened immune system may be due to the hygiene of the baby being too clean and unable to adapt to the environment

»» Limit movement in children

For young children who are in the growth phase, physical activity is the best way to improve resistance. When the body of young children is sedentary, not exercising will weaken the ability to exercise and the immune system will also decline.

»» Let children inhale too much tobacco smoke

Smoking cigarette smoke means smoking "passive". According to recent studies, tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 toxins, most of which will irritate and damage cells in the body. Children's breathing is faster, their lungs' air filter is not perfect. So let children smoke long-term smoke will cause a weakened immune system.

»» Misuse of antibiotics

Many parents only need to see children showing signs of illness such as: flu, cold ... immediately gave my child antibiotics. Antibiotics only work with bacteria, not effective against diseases related to viruses. Using antibiotics will kill both harmful and beneficial bacteria in the body. From there, the child's immune system will also decline.

Overuse of antibiotics affects the immune system
Overuse of antibiotics affects the immune system

»Causes of immunodeficiency in adults

»» Eat less protein or have excess protein

Lack of protein will reduce the mechanism of action of the immune system. However, when a large amount of animal protein is ingested, the hormone IGFl appears. This hormone makes the immune system ineffective.

»» Habits like sweet food

Eating too much sugar not only causes excess fat to accumulate, weight is out of control. It is the excess sugar in the body that makes the ability to kill bacteria decreased.

According to the study, eating 100g of sugar significantly hindered the anti-bacterial capacity of white blood cells during the next 5 hours.

»» Not drinking enough water

The human body needs a certain amount of water throughout the day to support the elimination of toxins. The lack of water in the body is the reason for the ineffective system of the body, including the immune system.

»» Drinking too much alcohol

Alcohol is one of the agents that directly affects the body's immune system. That is also the reason why people who drink a lot of alcohol often have weak health and are more likely to get sick than others.

Drinking a lot of alcohol affects the immune system
Drinking a lot of alcohol affects the immune system

»» Poor sleep quality

When the body is not getting enough sleep, the immune system will not be able to make enough white blood cells to protect the body from bacteria, repair defects.

»» Overweight

Not people with a large weight, the immune system will be good. Excess weight is not good for the activities of the heart, brain, blood pressure and other organs. Obesity causes hormonal imbalance and weakens the immune system's ability to fight infections.

»» Stress

According to studies by experts at the National Cancer Institute USA. If the mind is stressed for a long time, it will have a negative effect on the functioning of the immune system.

»» Polluted environment

Scientists have researched and discovered that when the body is exposed to polluted air, it will control T-cells - key cells of the immune system. This is the cause of inflammation in the body.

»» Old

In the elderly, the cells age, the functioning functions in the body weaken. That's why older people have a weaker immune system than younger people.

Aging is the cause of immunodeficiency
Aging is the cause of immunodeficiency       

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What problems does the immune system cause?

»Problems caused by immunodeficiency in young children

»» Children are often very ill

Babies born after birth receive an abundance of antibodies from breast milk. However, for the immune system to be complete, young children need some time. During a young child's immune system, they will be very sensitive to the environment. Young children have weak resistance, immature immune systems are more likely to get sick.

»» Young children often become dehydrated

For young children, water also plays a very important role. When young children show signs of dehydration or not have a habit of drinking lots of water, their resistance is weak. As the immune system weakens further, dehydration in children becomes more serious.

»» Anorexia children, anorexia

Getting energy from food is the best way to protect and improve the immune system. However, for children with weakened immune systems. Children will be very lazy to eat, anorexia. From there leads to stunted body, malnutrition, body weakness.

A weakened immune system makes children lazy to eat and eat
A weakened immune system makes children lazy to eat and eat

»» Children with poor digestion, or intestinal disease

Young children with poor resistance, weakened immune system are also at risk of gastrointestinal diseases. Because the immune system is unable to fight off pathogens, young children often have intestinal problems.

»» The wounds took a long time to heal

Young children when having problems with weakened immune system. The wounds created on the skin will take longer to heal than normal children.

»Problems caused by immunodeficiency in adults

»» Depression

In adults, if the immunity is always felt uncomfortable, tired, lack of vitality.

»» Susceptible to colds

For people with poor resistance, fighting the virus and bacteria from entering the body seems to be quite difficult. Therefore, in people with weakened immune systems, it is not uncommon to get frequent colds and flu.

A weakened immune system makes the body susceptible to colds and flu
A weakened immune system makes the body susceptible to colds and flu

»» The wound slowly heals

Just like in young children, adults with weakened immune systems also have longer time to heal wounds than people in good health.

»» Frequent digestive problems

For people with low immunity, the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients is inferior to that of ordinary people. Especially often encounter intestinal problems such as bloating, diarrhea, vomiting ...

»» Very tired

For people with low resistance, fatigue will often occur, even if you have rested for an entire day. These problems will be more serious when the immune system weakens for a long time.

» Problems caused by immunodeficiency in frail elderly people

When seniors have a weakened immune system, they may experience health problems such as:

»» Susceptible to infections

Elderly people with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to infections, especially lung infections. The aging process of the body is happening faster and faster, causing T cells to decline.

Immunodeficiency makes older people more susceptible to infections, especially lung infections
Immunodeficiency makes older people more susceptible to infections, especially lung infections

»» The body is always tired

In fact, the elderly will feel tired, difficult to travel. When the immune system weakens, the symptoms of fatigue will be more severe and last for many days. Since then, it is difficult to sleep, eat poorly in the elderly and easily lead to more dangerous diseases.

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How to strengthen the immune system, resistance

»How to strengthen the immune system, resistance in young children

»» For young children, in order to increase their resistance, the following measures must be applied:

+ Infants should be exclusively breastfed within the first 6 months, it is best to breastfeed until 24 months of age.

Feed your child adequate groups of substances to boost the immune system
Feed your child adequate groups of substances to boost the immune system

+ For older children need to develop adequate and reasonable nutrition.

  • Sufficient feeding of substance groups.
  • Limit fast foods, sweets.
  • Eat cooked boiled drink.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Include enough fruits and vegetables in the diet. When children eat a lot of green vegetables, fresh fruits will help children supplement necessary vitamins and minerals.

+ Parents should pay attention to arranging for children to participate in appropriate physical activities. Except when the baby is sick, also should let the baby exercise the body, avoid lying or sitting in one place, limiting holding the baby throughout the day.

+ Get your child vaccinated fully and on schedule.

+ Avoid exposing children to adults, friends who are infected with potentially infectious diseases such as: Chickenpox, measles, flu ...

+ When children are sick, parents should not give children too much antibiotics. Absolutely not give children antibiotics when not prescribed.

»How to strengthen the immune system, resistance for adults

+ Add vitamin C to the body through vegetables, fruits, juices. Vitamin C has strong antioxidant ability, enhance resistance, detoxify the body.

+ Only when the body is fully supplemented with nutrients will the immune system be good. Particular attention should be added to the daily menu of foods rich in minerals and zinc.

Regular exercise to increase resistance
Regular exercise to increase resistance

+ To strengthen the immune system, the body's resistance should not be overlooked. The regular exercise and exercise helps the body to circulate blood, eliminate toxins and increase stamina.

+ One of the simplest ways to increase resistance is to drink enough water every day. Adult body should intake from 2 - 2.5 liters of water per day to stimulate the activity of the organ systems, improve resistance.

+ Eating boiled and drunk is one of the best ways to limit viruses, bacteria and parasites from entering the body. Thereby helping the immune system to improve, not to work overload to destroy "invaders" that cause disease to the body.

+ Bacteria, viruses are everywhere. To improve resistance, strengthen the immune system, it is impossible to ignore cleaning and sanitation of the living environment.

+ Practice the habit of hand-washing with soap and antiseptic water before and after eating, after using the toilet to avoid gastrointestinal symptoms.

+ Attention Get enough sleep, do not create yourself stress, prolonged stress.

The most necessary conditions to nurture a healthy immune system

The immune system is a determinant of human health, so it is always given special attention. Protecting and boosting the immune system is not something to do for a few days or when you see your body showing abnormal symptoms before you start the "campaign".

In recent times, how to improve the immune system has been paid more attention. Because the world is facing a very dangerous epidemic, due to the new strain of Corona virus (nCoV).

Just a tiny virus but its destructive power is really unpredictable. With the current stressful situation, many people have died, many are in the stage of treatment of "century" pneumonia.

With the current situation, people who are not yet healthy are trying to protect their resistance and strengthen their immune systems to fight off germs, especially nCoV.

Good health is needed to prevent disease
Good health is needed to prevent disease

Understanding the conditions necessary to nourish a healthy immune system will help you stay away from dangers and illnesses. Specifically, the conditions that we want to mention are taken from Harvard Medical journal was:

+ No smoking.

+ Have a diet high in fruits and vegetables.

+ Get enough sleep, 8 hours / day.

+ Avoid infections such as washing your hands often with soap or water disinfectant and cook meat thoroughly.

+ Exercise regularly, help good blood circulation, promote cells of the immune system to move throughout the body to promote the best effect.

+ Limit alcoholic beverages

+ Stress also makes the immune system ineffective so always keep optimistic spirit, a body full of energy

These conditions are sufficient to promote the immune system in the best way

Your body not only needs to meet the above criteria, but also needs to pay attention to the intake of supplements for the body such as minerals, vitamins ... Currently, to improve health, people prioritize the real foods. natural products like vegetables, tubers, fruits, herbs ...

Clinical studies show that if both people are exposed to the flu virus. People who regularly supplement herbs, vegetables, fruits on the daily menu are more immune than non-users. This is sufficient to prove that quality food has a positive effect on improving the immune system.

Improve resistance with natural herbs
Improve resistance with natural herbs

As recommended by experts, people who are weak, frail or elderly need to pay attention to the criteria of the intake of nutrients. In order to improve health and maintain in the best state, it is impossible to ignore the rare ingredients in natural herbs.

To replenish nutrients at the same time, these rare pharmaceutical substances play an important role in health. In the list of indispensable herbs such as: Ginseng, deer antler, cordyceps, ginseng, Linh chi, royal jelly, ...

What evidence is it that herbs are the best option for boosting immunity?

There is plenty of practical evidence that can be used to prove that natural herbs offer great benefits for immunity and immune system.


The most typical are studies on Ganoderma. Such as:

Research on the efficacy of Ganoderma through the induction of cytokine and enhance immune effector (Wang et al 1997; Zhu and Lin 2006).

In addition, there is another compelling evidence: “Various components from G. lucidum have been shown to enhance the proliferation and maturation of T and B lymphocyte cells, spleen mononuclear cells. , NK cells and dendritic cells in in vitro culture and in animal studies (Bao et al 2001; Cao and Lin 2002; Zhu, Chen, and Lin 2007; Ma et al. 2008) ”. The evidence is in Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinecal Aspects, 2nd edition, Editors: Iris FF Benzie and Sissi Wachtel-Galor. Boca Raton (FL): CRC Press / Taylor & Francis; 2011. ISBN-13: 978-1-4398-0713-2.)

There is another concrete evidence: Polysaccharides enhance the proliferation of T and B lymphocytes in vitro and PL-1 is an expression of immune stimulating activity in mice (Structural features of immunologically active polysaccharides from Ganoderma lucidum. ”Researched by Xing-Feng Bao, Xue-Song Wang, Qun Dong, Ji-Nian Fang *, Xiao-Yu Li. 2001. Phytochemistry 59 (2002) 175–181.)

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Scientists have also studied and pointed out that: Cordyceps is one of the few medicinal mushrooms that boosts the immune system in cells. At the same time support the humoral immune system to function strongly.

Specifically, the uses of cordyceps mushroom have been announced
Regulating the response of B lymphocytes Enhance the activity of macrophages and NK cells
Increases the concentration of serum IgG, IgM antibodies Enhancing selectively the activity of inhibitory T cells

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It is the studies and published scientific basis of experts. For now, Ganoderma, Panax, cordyceps, ginseng has become a functional food of natural origin that many people seek and use.  

Cordyceps has a great use in strengthening the immune system
Cordyceps has a great use in strengthening the immune system

The increasing demand of users has made the pharmaceutical market become volatile in price, there are many fake and sophisticated imitations. To buy health protection herbs at a good price, consistent and assured of quality.

Customers can look to reputable brands at home and abroad famous in Vietnam market such as: Ganoderma, Lingzhi Hensin, Japanese Lingzhi, Biofon Cordyceps, Cordyceps Cordyceps ... ..

Hopefully, the above information has provided our customers with the most specific information on how to protect, strengthen resistance and immune system.

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