Scientific researchers in Japan, Taiwan, China said: “Based on internal reactions of the body when using Ganoderma. We can monitor ourselves and detect the damage that is happening early. Thanks to that, the prevention and treatment of disease effectively. "


Here are 5 reactions to warn the body when using reishi mushrooms that you can refer to. Information gathered by Linh Chi Nong Lam - Nguyen The member of incubation center for technology enterprise of Nong Lam University in Ho Chi Minh City Health blog.

1. Reaction inside the Head when used Ganoderma

The head is closely related to the head organs of the body such as: nervous system, blood circulation, heart and brain cells. Be really cautious if during the process of Ganoderma you notice the body has a lot of instability in the head.

- Pain accompanied by dizziness in the anterior part: Signs of functional neurosis due to prolonged stress.

Headache is a common reaction in people with prolonged stress

- Pain, dizziness in the back of head: Most likely you have high blood pressure.

- Pain that appears near the neck: Usually occurs in people with low blood pressure.

- Head feeling like fever, heat coming out of the ear: The body is poisoning or signs of migraine.

- Dizziness, dizziness: The blood circulation system is not working properly, making the body anemia.

2. Abnormalities of urine when Use Ganoderma

The kidney is considered the gateway to human life and death. This unit is responsible for excreting waste products out of the body through the urine. Therefore, based on the nature of urine, we can predict whether the kidney is healthy or not.

- Urine is opaque, dark and has a strong odor: The kidney shows a lot of toxins.

Abnormal urination is a warning sign that your kidneys are having problems

- Cloudy urine, painful urination: Signs of kidney stones, urinary stones.

- In oily urine: There is excess fat in the kidney.

- Urine with blood: Symptoms of kidney stones or kidney damage.

Note: Research Ganoderma has a shelf life

3. Gastrointestinal disorders during Ganoderma use

In order to understand the condition of the digestive system, we can rely on the characteristics of the stool after each bowel movement.

- Diarrhea: Your intestines are poisoned. Ganoderma is helping the body eliminate toxins in the gut from the outside.

- Red bloody stools: Going beyond blood with burning pain is a typical symptom of internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, rectal cancer.

- Stool with black blood: Signs of intestinal ulcer.

- Black stool: The intestines are excreting toxins inside the body

Note: Ganoderma lucidum grows where

4. Unusual sensory reactions while taking Ganoderma

If in the process of using Ganoderma, your body has many abnormal sensory reactions. Most likely the nervous system is having trouble.

- Pain: Blockage of arteries, arteries often causes physical pain.

Be careful with pain during the use of Ganoderma

- Numbness: Expression of internal organs being injured (internal pain).

- Stunned: Ganoderma is helping the body regulate nerves related to internal organs.

- Always feel tired, heavy, tired: Your body is excess acid. Let the body rest to gradually adjust.

- Feeling hot in the body: Please add plenty of water to the body to be detoxified.

Note: Is linh chi nông lâm mushroom good?

5. Unusual emotional reaction during Ganoderma use

- Fear: Renal function is impaired, weak physiological.

- Irritability, easy to get angry: Warning signs of weakened liver function, even high blood pressure.

Ganoderma can help you eat well, sleep well, reduce stress and disease

- Anxiety, restlessness, boredom: Pulmonary function is malfunctioning.

- Excessive excitement: Impaired heart function, poor brain system, poor blood circulation.

- Daydreaming: The digestive system is weakened.

Above are 5 reactions inside Ganoderma when used to warn the body of the disease. Depending on the person's location and health status, these symptoms may vary. However, we should not be subjective with any symptoms.

To know how your health. You can also use Ganoderma itself and verify it. Currently on the market, Ganoderma Ganoderma is the most trusted consumer product. The product has been granted CCI international certificate of quality.

To find out more information or get answers to questions about Ganoderma Ganoderma. Readers can access the website: or Advice Hotline 028.7107.6668 – 0938.877.743

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