Cordyceps is a rare medicinal herb with many different processing methods. Many people tell each other about the great effect of combining cordyceps with bird's nest. Just hearing about the combination of 2 ingredients, you know how high the nutritional content of this dish is, right? However, what is the use of this dish? How to use it to achieve the highest efficiency? Ganoderma invite you to find out Top things to know about cordyceps nests through the article below.

1. The perfect combination between 2 gifts from nature

Cordyceps and bird's nest are both natural ingredients. Currently, bird's nest has been confirmed by scientists inside it contains many good nutrients for health. .

Swallow's nests and cordyceps are the perfect combination
Swallow's nests and cordyceps are the perfect combination 

Cordyceps is also one of the rare herbs with natural origin. Cordyceps contains many pharmaceutical ingredients that no other medicine can replace.

The combination of the above two medicines gives users a good health, a refreshing spirit and supports the treatment of many dangerous diseases. Both cordyceps and bird's nest are benign, causing no side effects for users. Especially, this combination has been verified by scientists, ensuring only benefit and not harm to health. So you can rest assured use.

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2. The use of dish with swallow nest and cordyceps

In the nest contains many vitamins necessary for the body, is a very good medicine for people with physical weakness, newly ill, who need recovery after surgery. Not only that, regular bird's nest users also help treat lung and respiratory diseases.

Cordyceps is one of the rare pharmaceuticals, has a great effect on the patient's body. Cordyceps is likened to "elixir" with the ability to treat and support the prevention of many dangerous diseases in humans.

The dish has the presence of oats and cordyceps bring a high nutritional content. Not only that, the taste of the dish is quite delicious. The fusion of the refreshing taste in the nest with the rich, characteristic of cordyceps creates a very typical dish flavor.

The taste of Cordyceps Salanganes'Nest tea is very delicious
The taste of Cordyceps Salanganes'Nest tea is very delicious

3. Recipes for cooking a dish of cordyceps sinensis tea

Materials to prepare 1 serving for 1 person:

5g refined bird's nest.

1 - 2 Cordyceps.


Food processing

  • Process materials

You need to clean the nest before cooking by submerging the nest in water. After about 20 minutes the nest will be soft, you should pick up the small hairs in the nest if left. Then wash the nest in to drain.

Cordyceps you can use warm water to soak for about 3 minutes, then rinse and drain well.

  • Conducting the separation of bird's nest

You bring steamed from cordyceps in about 15 minutes. Then you prepare the bird's nest with the amount of rock sugar you want.

  • After about 15 minutes distillation of bird's nest, cordyceps, alum sugar, you can turn off the stove.
  • You can enjoy this nutritious tea with ice if you like.

Subjects suitable to use this tea include: People who want to foster the body, men and women with impaired sexual function, postpartum women, newly ill people, old people with weak health, new people underwent surgery. However, for children under 13 and pregnant women should not use this tea.

To make the tea promote its use for the user's body. You need to choose quality raw materials.

Cordyceps nests of Linh Chi Nong Lam
Cordyceps nests of Linh Chi Nong Lam

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4. Where to buy cordyceps cordyceps nests good?

On the market today, there are many business units of cordyceps and nests. However, to buy products of good quality, users must also be vigilant.

If you are still wondering because you should buy cordyceps and nests where are the standard quality 100%. You can find Linh Chi Nong Lam.

Currently, we provide users with ready-made bird's nest cordyceps in the box. If you do not have time to cook, if you want to buy it as a gift, this will be a great product.

In addition, we also provide customers with raw dried cordyceps and raw bird's nests. You can buy ingredients and save to cook cordyceps nest tea when you want.

You can contact us via the address for further advice.

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