Medicinal mushrooms Cordyceps very rare but it is trusted by many people. The basic reason is that pharmaceuticals bringing to the user's health have many positive changes. Currently, in addition to natural Tibetan cordyceps, artificial cordyceps are also widely used by many people. However, if users are not alert, it is easy to buy poor quality cordyceps. In today's post, Ganoderma will share to you top 4 note to identify cordyceps quality assurance. Hopefully with what we share, you will get yourself the most useful information.

1. The reason for cordyceps is fake in a sophisticated way

Cordyceps is a rare medicinal mushroom, a unique crystallization between animals and plants. Cordyceps exists a relatively high content of nutrients, bringing many health benefits. Therefore, the demand of users for this medicine is also increasing.

Increasing user demand makes cordyceps fake for sophisticated profit
Increasing user demand makes cordyceps fake for sophisticated profit  

The "witty" businesses that want to make a high profit without spending a lot of money have decided to make the most sophisticated imitation.

Currently, cordyceps are counterfeited by pressing an ivory-white film outside the powder and clay layer. Then smooth glossy coating and shape exactly like the real Cordyceps.

Due to the sophistication in the method of forgery, people also create Tibetan cordyceps with larvae larvae and the mushroom body on the head as true. If only observing with your eyes, it will be difficult for you to recognize which is the real product, the fake one.

+ Note: 3 notes about using cordyceps for children

2. Top 4 notes to recognize Vietnamese cordyceps quality assurance

  • Direct observation

With Vietnamese cordyceps, the simplest way to identify genuine and fake goods is by visual inspection. You will notice the following:

+ Silkworm larvae and herbaceous larvae are connected together, there is no sign of gluing or grafting 2 parts together with flour or glue. Only fake Vietnam cordyceps will you see the joints.

Cordyceps actually do not have any joints
Cordyceps actually do not have any joints

+ Striae on silkworm pupae of Vietnamese cordyceps appears. The creases on the silkworm's body are clear and irregular. For mold-molded cordyceps, the lines and folds are very similar, there is no difference.

+ With true Cordyceps will have up to 8 pairs of symmetrical legs. With fakes will not appear evenly 8 pairs of legs.

+ When cutting true cordyceps you will see the lines very clearly. In the middle of true cordyceps, there are black V-shaped cores, while fake cordyceps do not.

  • Identify by specific smell

This medicinal mushroom will have a unique smell that can not be mixed in the head. Cordyceps exist a distinctive aroma that closely resembles straw mushrooms and has a slight fishy smell. With fake cordyceps will not have this scent. Instead, we will smell powder, medicine, or other chemicals.

True cordyceps have a distinct aroma
True cordyceps have a distinct aroma
  • Distinguish real goods through taste

With genuine Vietnamese cordyceps, when you eat directly, you will feel a rich, very aromatic flavor. The special feature is that the more you chew it, the more it will smell. Particularly with cordyceps, when you put it into your mouth to chew it will feel ground, fry and smell like powder or clay. Fake cordyceps only have a strong smell, not a slight sweetness and aroma.

+ Note: 4 things to know about cordyceps whole

  • Differentiate true fake cordyceps

You can hold a little cordyceps in the palm of your hand. When shaking hands, if the cordyceps in the hand is light like dry necks, it is true cordyceps. And in cordyceps, you'll only feel a little heavy and rough on your hands.

In addition to the above identification methods, to buy cordyceps, quality assurance is 100% genuine, you need to find a reputable supplier. Only reputable facilities, clear addresses, transparent product certificates can guarantee true cordyceps supply. In particular, true cordyceps are not too cheap compared to the general price of the market. So, you do not rush to see cheap cordyceps but hastily buy them, maybe that medicinal mushroom is not quality guaranteed, so get a cheap price to attract customers.

Cordyceps are really lightweight
Cordyceps are really lightweight

3. Where to buy Vietnamese cordyceps quality assurance?

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