List Of Reasons You Should Choose To Buy Cordyceps Agroforestry


1. Origin of cordyceps in agriculture and forestry clearly

Cordyceps Agriculture and Forestry is a product developed by the brand system Ganoderma - Under Agroforestry Technology Incubation Joint Stock Company - Nguyen Member of Agribusiness Incubation Center of Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry - The unit honored to receive the certificate “CCI 2015 Quality Safety” assessed and recognized by the Institute of Economic Research, Vietnam Consumer Research Center, Global Trade Associations - Global GTA (Germany - Europe) for real manufacturing and business sectors. health care products.

Products Cordyceps Cordyceps - Linh Chi Nong Lam has been present and growing on more than 200 agents across the provinces and cities nationwide. The team of experts in charge of management, consulting and product development research are the leading masters, doctors, and bachelors in biotechnology, medicine and medicine.

Ganoderma Lucidum has been and continues to research and develop innovative products for effective health protection such as, Ginseng Linh Linh Nong Lam, Cordyceps Agroforestry, Ginseng Roots, Nong Lam Powder, Ginseng Powder Pure Ngoc Linh Agriculture and Forestry .... And this is also Reasons to buy Cordyceps nông lâm first one.

2. The Nong Lam Dong Cordyceps Seed is Pure and always improving quality

In Lam Dong Cordyceps Agriculture, experts always use only pure grade 1 strains to ensure the quality of the fruits of Cordyceps Mushrooms.

In Vietnam as well as in the world, 3 types of Cordyceps are commonly used:

+ The first is Cordyceps Sinensis (this type is mainly collected naturally in Tibet and sold for over 1 billion / 1kg extremely rare so often forged)

+ The second type is Cordyceps Militaris, This type is exactly called Cordyceps since it is mainly grown artificially with the amount of initiative due to the high production technology that is proactive in weather so the quantity is not limited. If there is a standard production plan and process, in Vietnam as well as other countries in the world, this is the most common type.

+ The third type is Cordyceps Takaomontana, this type is also quite popular and its characteristic is a nutrient suitable for improving health because there are many vitamins and trace elements good for the body, this is also strains that Cordyceps Agroforestry has kept and isolated the F1 generation to produce to meet the needs of customers with many varieties of cordyceps, besides cordyceps Militaris is also a strong product of the East Cordyceps Cordyceps and we use Cordyceps militaris strain of Japanese origin so the medicinal content is guaranteed higher than other strains.

As for the Cordyceps strain, it is not suitable for artificial culture, so this product is mainly collected from nature or sold by some units in the market. We do not offer this strain.

Should buy cordyceps of nông lâm or notCordyceps Takaomontana

Evaluate whether cordyceps products of nông lâm are goodCordyceps Sinensis

Review types of cordyceps present on the market todayCordyceps Militaris

In addition, every year, technical experts always exchange and exchange knowledge with other countries that have advantages in producing Cordyceps Cordyceps to research genetic modification in order to produce advanced and quality strains. outstanding.

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3. Advanced Cordyceps production process

At Cordyceps in Agriculture and Forestry, the engineers in charge always apply strict technology process, ensure aseptic in production to produce superior quality products, We have a sleeping engineer and Testing to assess product quality, technological processes and equipment are continuously improved to adapt to the growth and progress of science and technology in general and the biotechnology industry. Particularly, it is the goal and strategic direction, the guideline of Dong Thao Ha Nong Lam, because We understand product quality is the leading and key factor to make a brand.

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Important components that make the effect of Cordyceps Agroforestry

It is known that in medicinal mushrooms Cordyceps will include medicinal ingredients such as:

- 17 types of amino acids.

- Lipid.

- D-Mannitol.

- Cordiceptic acid.

- The trace elements such as: Al, Si, K, Na ...

- Adenosine.

- Cordycepin

- Hydroxyethyl - adenosine

- Amounts of Vitamin A, B, C, E, K ...

- Active ingredient HEAA (Hydro - Etyl - Adenosin - Analogs)

TIn that case, the typical effects of some of these active ingredients are:

- Selenium

Selenium is a very rare active ingredient but it exists in Cordyceps. This is a contributing component in the protection of women's skin from the agents that cause aging. Basically, selenium is like an antioxidant that helps fight free substances.

- Cordycepin

This is considered an active ingredient of high value in Medicine and accounts for a large proportion in Cordyceps. This active ingredient in Cordyceps is directly involved in the process of supporting cancer treatment. The main effect of this active ingredient is inhibition of cancer cell formation.

Therefore, Cordycepin is used to inhibit the fission of carcinogenic cells in the body, and to delay Wide-spread growth and spread of cancer cells.

Why should buy Cordyceps nông lâm without buying other products

Active ingredient against cancer

Not only that, according to the research of scientists, this active ingredient also helps stabilize blood sugar. Therefore, it is effective in the treatment of diabetes.

For people with lung disease, this same active ingredient in Cordyceps will also inhibit and kill the bacteria that cause lung infections.

- D-Mannitol

The main task of this active ingredient is to help dilate the heart muscle and brain vessels, improve blood circulation. At the same time, the amount of this substance in Cordyceps also helps reduce Cholesterol in the machine, preventing atherosclerosis. For those with lung cancer, the severely damaged alveoli will also be partially recovered by the participation of the active ingredient D-Mannitol.

- Adenosine

This is one of the active ingredients of Cordyceps that works to reduce nerve irritation. Not only that, people who have difficulty in physiological issues, this substance is also "saving" in improving the local blood flow and peripheral circulatory system in the kidney. It is also an active substance that regulates hormones and nerve organization in the genitourinary system.

Cordyceps how much and where to buyEffects of Cordyceps on physiological health

Summary of the effects of Cordyceps

Cordyceps contains many medicinal properties that are beneficial to health.

1. Reduce the amount of Cholesterol in the blood

There have been studies and clear comments on the use of Cordyceps Cordyceps to reduce the amount of Cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, using Cordyceps Cordyceps in patients with obesity, fatty liver, high blood pressure will bring unexpected effects.

2. Anti-depressant, fostering the body

There have been practical studies on the use of Cordyceps to help restore health and fight depression. Because Cordyceps provide the body with many vitamins, amino acids, minerals, trace elements necessary for the body.

The product has been registered with the Ministry of Health, Fast free delivery, Wholesale price from manufacturer for patients. Free delivery to HCMC. Buy 1kg get more honey. Need to recruit agents and sales executivesCordyceps helps restore health

Not only that, the active ingredients in the body also contribute to stimulating the body to produce ATP and oxygen to enhance metabolic activity. Since then, the body reduces symptoms of drowsiness, fatigue. Cordyceps is a functional food that brings high efficiency for people with depression, weak body, overworked labor, often staying up at night ...

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3. Support to improve the vitality of men

For men, the decline in physiological function always causes many problems in family life. According to empirical research, up to 80% men have improved sexual desire, physiological function after 1 month of using Cordyceps Cordyceps. Men with premature ejaculation, spermatozoa, spermatozoa, reduced libido, impotence, erectile dysfunction can all use Cordyceps Cordyceps to improve this condition.

Cordyceps how much and where to buy to ensure the best quality is one of the issues that concern consumers.Cordyceps work to improve physiological health

4. Strengthen the immune system

In cordyceps contains selenium, this is a rare substance whose main task is to strengthen the immune system for the body. At the same time, it helps the body create an extra layer of "armor" to prevent pathogens from directly attacking the body.

5. Controlling diabetes, maintaining stable blood sugar

A further use of Cordyceps is that for diabetics, it is an opportunity to treat the disease. Cordyceps has the ability to regulate, balance and maintain blood sugar at a stable level. After the trial, the results showed that 90% of diabetic patients had received positive results after 1 month of regular use of Cordyceps.

6. Female hormonal conditioning

For women, the decline in physiological health is manifested in symptoms such as decreased libido, hot flashes, irritability, drought, hair loss, difficulty sleeping, excessive sweating ... All of the above are due to hormonal disorders in the female body, impairment. There have been many cases, women after using Cordyceps Cordyceps have improved the above symptoms, married life more durable, happy.

7. Support to improve lung symptoms

This type of Eastern medicine also has another outstanding function which is to increase oxygen exchange for lungs. Cordyceps is known for its warm properties. Therefore, anyone with respiratory illness can prioritize using Cordyceps Cordyceps. Common respiratory diseases that can be treated with Cordyceps are: Chronic lung obstruction, bronchitis, asthma ...

8. Prevent and remedy kidney diseases

Cordyceps contains many active ingredients that help restore kidney function and kidney diseases. Those who have kidney damage, chronic kidney failure, impaired kidney function can use Cordyceps fungus to fix. For people with weak kidneys, if you want to prevent kidney disease, you can use Cordyceps as a preventive measure.

Cordyceps in Vietnam is a transplanted product, produced in the laboratory and is increasingly popular with consumers.Cordyceps treats kidney disease

9. Supporting treatment of some liver diseases

Speaking of the use of Cordyceps with liver diseases also many people are interested. In addition to helping to treat the disease, this traditional medicine has the effect of increasing the activity of the liver, eliminating toxins, hepatitis virus ...

10. Slows the growth of cancer cells

In cordyceps, there are many pharmaceutical substances involved in the process against the formation and growth of tumors. At the same time, patients with cancer using Cordyceps Cordyceps also help enhance the natural immunity, prevent cancer cells from metastasizing. If a person with cancer combines radiotherapy, chemotherapy along with the addition of about 10g of Cordyceps per day can reduce tumor size. Not only that, the unpleasant symptoms after radiation therapy, chemotherapy will also be somewhat reduced, helping your body more comfortable if using Cordyceps Cordyceps.

11. Anti-aging, beautiful skin

After 30 years of age women begin to show signs of aging on the skin. Besides using external lotions. Cordyceps supplements are a way to help the body fight aging from within. Ingredients in Cordyceps help prevent and slow down the aging process of the body. Improve signs of external skin aging such as pigmentation, freckles, wrinkles. In particular, women using Cordyceps Cordyceps also work to slow down the process of perimenopause.

Along with knowing where to buy cordyceps is good and prestigious I will give more people to know the effects that cordyceps bring.Cordyceps helps women retain the beauty of their skin

12. Good effect on the cardiovascular system

The rare and precious active ingredients in Cordyceps also help to regulate and maintain the heartbeat stability. In particular, the D-Mannitol content also helps dilate the heart muscle, maintains blood circulation through a stable circuit and regulates the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

13. Application in controlling HIV / AIDS

In cordyceps contains active ingredients HEAA with the main use is antiviral, strong antibacterial. For patients with HIV / AIDS, using Cordyceps helps the disease progress slowly, prolonging the tightness of the immune system. From there help the patient feel excited, prolong life.

In countries with a high proportion of people with HIV / AIDS. People also use Cordyceps Cordyceps to manufacture drugs to fight AIDS, immunodeficiency.

Do you know what to buy cordyceps in Ho Chi Minh City ... Before finding out where to buy cordycepsCordyceps works to slow the progression of AIDS

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Will Cordyceps cure the root of Cordyceps disease or not?

Cordyceps is considered by many to be a "panacea" because it is capable of treating many diseases, including cancer. People with cancer can use Cordyceps to assist in the treatment process to increase resistance to users. Depending on the time and location of use, the effect is different in the treatment process, however, it should be combined with western medicine in the treatment process to promote the therapeutic effect.

Mechanism of action of Cordyceps in cancer:

1. Reduce tumor size

As we shared above, using Cordyceps with cancer patients is also a way to reduce tumor size. In fact, the larger the tumor, the more difficult it is to use radiation and chemotherapy to destroy it. Meanwhile, the process of destroying the tumor makes the patient's body very tired, painful. If the tumor is too large, the patient's chance of survival is reduced. On the other hand, large tumors will cause compression, hindering the normal operation of the body. From there, it affects the lives of patients. Using Cordyceps Cordy helps prevent the growth of the size of the tumor, helping the radiation treatment, chemotherapy better.

2. Prevent metastases

Patients using cordyceps can reduce the ability of cancer cells to spread through the blood. The mechanism of Cordyceps is to prevent platelet aggregation by cancer cells. Most Western cancer treatments currently focus on tumor destruction. In addition, there are no specific measures to control the ability of metastatic cancer cells. Therefore, combining radiotherapy and chemotherapy using Cordyceps Cordyceps is a way to improve the effectiveness of cancer treatment.

Buy Cordyceps Where you must know and understand what Cordyceps isCordyceps helps prevent metastatic cancer

3. Some other effects of Cordyceps on cancer

The active ingredients in Cordyceps also help cancer patients have more health to receive treatment. At the same time, patients using Cordyceps also help the body enhance self-resistance, control tumors, reduce pain, sedation.

However, if a patient with cancer only uses Cordyceps Cordyceps then it will not bring results in radical treatment. In order to have the opportunity to win life, it is imperative that the patients receive the treatment regimen and are determined in radiation and chemotherapy. Only when an ill person combines a scientific cancer treatment with the use of Cordyceps in the right dose can the cancer cells kill, the chance of eradicating the cancer is high.

Cordyceps is the parasitic form of fungi on the larvae of butterflies, in a nutshell, it is the larvae in the winterCordyceps supports effective cancer treatment

Does Cordyceps have side effects?

In fact, Cordyceps does not contain toxins and preservatives, so it is quite benign and safe for users. However, in some cases, Cordyceps will still have some unwanted effects, especially when used in the wrong way. The side effects of Cordyceps are:

- Do not use pots, kettles with metal materials to cook Cordyceps.

- Cordyceps has side effects for young children, especially children under 1 year of age not need to use. However, depending on the type that can be used for children, for example Takaomontana can be used for children to nourish the body very safely.

- Cordyceps if overused can cause some irritation to the human body such as: Rash, hives, kidney failure.

- Cordyceps has many health benefits, but this is a hot medicine. People with fever, if using Cordyceps, can backfire, making the condition worse.

- Cordyceps cordyceps are the choice of many people. However, do not abuse cordyceps too much, drink on time, do not use when hungry to avoid causing side effects.

- When Cordyceps is whole, you need to make sure it is preliminarily clean, remove parasites, soil, create substances or not? Because some people will use Cordyceps to eat raw, hygiene is very important.

- People with symptoms of a cold, accompanied by a high fever and a cough should not use Cordyceps Cordyceps. Because it can make the condition worse.

Cordyceps Cordyceps | Imported From Nepal TibetCordyceps abuse can have side effects

3 taboos to remember if you want to retain the effects of Cordyceps

1. Only processing Cordyceps in soil and porcelain materials

Many of the active ingredients in Cordyceps will react with metals. Therefore, do not use pots, metal kettles to cook Cordyceps. The reaction of cooking substances will produce dangerous toxins. At this time, the health of Cordyceps users has been affected, losing money to buy Cordyceps and "bringing" more diseases to people.

2. Do not process Cordyceps in high temperatures for a long time

The nutritional components in Cordyceps are easily decomposed and lost if exposed to high temperatures. When the cordyceps stew, just boiling water, you need to adjust the fire to very low. In particular, do not boil Cordyceps for more than an hour if you want to keep their substance intact.

3. Absolutely do not use Cordyceps in a friendly way

Cordyceps is considered by many people to be a "panacea" when sick, if cured, or sick, fostering health. Therefore, many people have freely chosen to use Cordyceps Cordyum without consulting experts. However, there are many issues related to Cordyceps that you may not know yet. So, don't be subjective in using cordyceps.

In addition, Cordyceps users should pay attention to abstain from hot spicy foods, women do not use Cordyceps during pregnancy, and nursing women can use Takaomontana to replenish.

Besides, because of high profits, cordyceps is the most popular ... From the perspective of consumers, experts and businesses recommendDo not use cordyceps arbitrarily

Buy Cordyceps where good?

If you are still wondering where to buy Cordyceps is good. You can contact Linh Chi Nong Lam to search for superior Cordyceps in a suitable price.

Assessing the advantages of cordyceps nông lâm products compared to other cordyceps products on the market today

We are always committed to providing our users with the best quality Cordyceps, ensuring a full certificate of food hygiene. For more information about Cordyceps, you can visit the website for more advice.

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