Learn about the origins Cordyceps Before buying is the concern of many people. Because cordyceps originate determines the medicinal ingredient, its use and price in the market. Currently, the origin of cordyceps is not only natural on the Tibetan plateau. Because cordyceps has been successfully cultivated in many countries. Today's article, Linh Chi Nong Lam wants to share with you 4 things to know about Taiwan cordyceps. Do not rush to skip the following information.

1. What is Taiwan Cordyceps?

Taiwan cordyceps is the name for the medicinal mushroom originating from this country. At present, Taiwan cordyceps takes the seed from Tibetan natural cordyceps in China. The conditions for fostering cordyceps in Taiwan are in closed houses with the strict control of experts in the field.

Taiwan cordyceps is a medicinal herb derived from Tibetan Cordyceps in China
Taiwan cordyceps is a medicinal herb derived from Tibetan Cordyceps in China  

Taiwan itself researches and applies cordyceps culture technology to meet the needs of domestic users. Because the natural output of Tibetan cordyceps is less and less, the price is quite expensive.

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2. Is Taiwan Cordyceps good?

Taiwanese cordyceps are now also highly appreciated for their quality. However, due to the busy life of local people, the use of raw cordyceps for processing is quite difficult. Therefore, Taiwan cordyceps are often refined into ready-to-use functional foods to save time and effort in processing.

Taiwan cordyceps is quite benign, contains no substance and is prepared in the right dosage, certain ratio. Subjects can use Taiwan cordyceps fairly widely.

3. The effect of Taiwan cordyceps

Talking about the effects of Taiwan cordyceps, there have been many scientists verifying the quality and effects. Basically, Taiwan cordyceps still has all the uses of natural cordyceps:

  • Treatment of respiratory diseases, supporting to improve the function of the respiratory system.
  • Improve health, improve resistance and immune system.
  • Supporting the treatment of lesions in the kidneys, liver and lungs.
  • Support the blood circulation system to operate stably.
Taiwan cordyceps also has many effects in curing illnesses
Taiwan cordyceps also has many effects in curing illnesses
  • Regulate blood pressure, reduce blood cholesterol.
  • Treatment of physiological impairment in men and women.
  • Recovering health for newly ill people.

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4. Is Taiwan Cordyceps infected?

Currently, in Vietnam, cordyceps in Taiwan is uncommon, little known, so the import price is quite high.

Meanwhile, the cost of Vietnamese cordyceps is much cheaper, the quality of Cordyceps is not inferior to Tibetan Cordyceps. Therefore, you absolutely can use Vietnamese cordyceps to nourish the body, improve health and support the treatment of diseases.

Currently, prices of cordyceps in Vietnam only range from 60 - 120 million / kg. Meanwhile, cordyceps are supplied by manufacturers in various forms such as:

  • Cordyceps raw fresh - dry.
  • Cordyceps in raw fiber - fresh - dry.
  • Cordyceps silkworm pupae in powder form, capsule form, water form.
  • Cordyceps biomass in powder, capsule, water form.

Users can, depending on their needs, purposes to select the appropriate cordyceps.

Taiwan cordyceps costs from 60 to 120 million VND per kg
Taiwan cordyceps costs from 60 to 120 million VND per kg

5. How to process Vietnamese cordyceps?

It is not difficult to have herbal remedies from Vietnamese Cordyceps. Because Vietnamese cordyceps mushrooms are quite benign, it can be processed in many forms, combined with other medicinal herbs.

On the cordyceps market in Vietnam, there are many types of processed cordyceps products such as cordyceps liquor, cordyceps ginseng drink, cordyceps in bird's nest and cordyceps honey.

With raw cordyceps, you can prepare them by: making tea, soaking in hot water to eat directly, cooking porridge, stew soup, cooking soup, cooking cordyceps oats ...

Taiwan cordyceps can be used to make tea, porridge, soup
Taiwan cordyceps can be used to make tea, porridge, soup

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6. Location for selling quality Vietnamese cordyceps

Currently, cordyceps market in Vietnam is perceived to be quite complex, with many sources of poor quality goods.

To buy the best cordyceps, ensure medicinal ingredients, do not contain impurities. You can contact us Ganoderma. We are committed to providing you with the cheapest price for quality products that have been tested for food hygiene and safety.

In particular, we offer our customers both processed cordyceps and dried cordyceps for you to process as you like. Our packaging design is very beautiful, sure so you can buy cordyceps as gifts for Tet. You can access the website linhchinonglam.com for more information about cordyceps mushrooms.

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