There have been many clinical trials showing great results with use Cordyceps for human health. This is also the reason why cordyceps are sought and sought by many people. For many people, only expensive cordyceps naturally sourced from the Tibetan Plateau is effective in fostering health and treating diseases. In your opinion, is the above statement completely correct or not? Today, in this article Ganoderma will share with you 4 things to know about expensive cordyceps. There will be a lot of interesting information in this article, do not rush to skip the article.

Tibetan cordyceps are the most expensive
Tibetan cordyceps are the most expensive  

1. What are the characteristics of expensive cordyceps?

In fact, there are many medicines to treat the disease, but few are so expensive that many people are "stunned" like Tibetan cordyceps.

Both Eastern and Western Medicine treat Tibetan cordyceps as a "panacea" that can cure all illnesses. In the world, only cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom that combines perfectly with animals and plants. If only a perfect combination like this, the price of natural cordyceps will not be so expensive. What makes Tibetan cordyceps more expensive is:

  • Only the larvae that are parasitic by the fungus, hibernate underground and survive until the summer can grow into cordyceps. The high or low production of cordyceps is due to the combined rate of parasitic fungi in the young.
  • The conditions of growth and development of cordyceps are very harsh, the output is limited because of the dependence of weather.
  • Each year, the Tibetan cordyceps can only be extracted once in a certain time.
  • The work of cordyceps exploitation faces many difficulties, having to overcome rugged hills and harsh climates.
  • Cordyceps import to Vietnam needs to go through many stages of paper preparation.

These factors, together with the miraculous use of Tibetan cordyceps, have made it the most expensive medicine in the world.

Tibetan cordyceps are expensive because they are rare and have limited production
Tibetan cordyceps are expensive because they are rare and have limited production

Because they want to preserve for long and transport Tibetan cordycees away easily. One must apply the method of drying. Fresh Tibetan Cordyceps are increasingly rare, more expensive than dried Cordyceps.

How much is expensive Tibetan cordyceps? Currently, the price of fresh cordyceps is over 2 billion / kg. With dried cordyceps, the price is about VND 1.8-2 billion / kg.

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2. Only expensive cordyceps bring good quality?

Currently, scientists have studied and pointed out that it is not only naturally grown Tibetan cordyceps that are high in nutrition. Other countries such as Korea, Japan, and Vietnam have now successfully cultivated cordyceps with the same medicinal ingredients as natural cordyceps.

Artificial cordyceps are not limited in production, harvest conditions are also much easier. Therefore, the price of artificial cordyceps is much cheaper, only about 60 - 120 million / kg.

Cordyceps in Vietnam also carries high levels of pharmaceutical substance
Cordyceps in Vietnam also carries high levels of pharmaceutical substance

For those who want to use cordyceps to improve health, cure but economic conditions are not high. The use of Vietnamese cordyceps is completely appropriate. Currently, cordyceps Vietnam has been highly appreciated for its quality, pharmaceutical ingredients and is a "cure" for people suffering from incurable diseases.

3. Vietnamese cordyceps has any processing method?

Currently on the market, cordyceps Vietnam is produced by manufacturers in many different forms such as:

  • Raw cordyceps in the form of fresh, dry.
  • Cordyceps powder grinding.
  • Cordyceps cordyceps.
  • Cordyceps in water.

Unlike the delicate functional foods from cordyceps. Cordyceps mushrooms in Vietnam can be processed in a variety of ways according to the needs, preferences and disease status of users.

Vietnam Cordyceps presents many different forms
Vietnam Cordyceps presents many different forms

Currently, the most common cordyceps processing methods are;

  • Alcohol immersion: Pure, pickled with ginseng, goji berry, red apple, velvet antler ...
  • Porridge, stir-fry vegetables, add to soup, soup.
  • Soak honey.
  • Make tea.
  • Cordyceps jelly with bird's nest.
  • Use cordyceps extract along with ginseng pearls.

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4. Where to buy Vietnamese cordyceps?

Vietnamese cordyceps have a not too high price, suitable for many users, as gifts. Present. Ganoderma Provides you with a full range of cordyceps. You can depending on your purpose of use to make the right choice.

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