Cordyceps Recently it is a very hot keyword in the category of valuable medicinal herbs. For some people, cordyceps still has many unknowns, unknown information. Today, Ganoderma will share with you 4 things to know about dried cordyceps. Hopefully the information we share will help you understand more about this drug.

1. Advantages of dried cordyceps

In order to create dried cordyceps, people need fresh, cordyceps. However, cordyceps when exposed to high temperatures easily lose their nutrient content. According to the study, most dried cordyceps are only about 90% in comparison to fresh cordyceps. Cordyceps when dried, not deformed, pharmaceuticals still look like they were when fresh.

Dried cordyceps retain many nutrients
Dried cordyceps retain many nutrients 

The advantages of dried cordyceps are:

  • Storage time of dried cordyceps is longer when preserving fresh cordyceps. Because cordyceps after going through the drying process, contained in a sealed, vacuum-sealed box, the shelf life of the product can be up to several years without compromising on quality.
  • The concentration of nutrients and nutrients in dried cordyceps remains high.
  • Cordyceps after drying and then very easy to pack, transport.
  • Another advantage is dried cordyceps can be processed into many different dishes and drinks.

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2. How to use dried cordyceps

As we have shared above, dried cordyceps have many different uses and processes. The most common uses are still:

  • Soak in hot water

Soaking dried herbs with hot water is almost the same way we make tea. All you need to do is to put clean, dried cordyceps into boiling water. This method of processing is for people who want to enhance resistance, improve mental well-being, improve physiological function, and beautify the skin.

  • Soak with white wine

The method of processing dried cordyceps with white wine is often preferred by men. The effects of cordyceps in white wine are: strengthening resistance, improving natural physiological function, supporting the spirit of always refreshing.

  • Stew with nutritious food

You can combine dried cordyceps stew with nutritious foods such as: Duck, evil chicken, dove, fish ...

Cordyceps can be processed into many nutritious dishes
Cordyceps can be processed into many nutritious dishes

People with poor health, poor sleep, and want to nourish the body, this is the most suitable way of processing.

  • Processing with stir-fried dishes

After drying, herbs can be stir-fried with bamboo shoots, vegetables, mushrooms ... These stir-fried dishes provide full nutrients for family meals, improve skin health and beauty.

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3. The method of preserving dried cordyceps

The advantage of dried cordyceps is that it takes longer to store than fresh ones. However, to ensure the best quality of cordyceps, the maximum preservation time is only 1 year.

Users can preserve dried cordyceps by:

  • Put the cordyceps in a glass jar with a desiccant and close the lid.
  • Put the cordyceps in a vacuum bag with a desiccant pack. Without impact air, cordyceps will have a longer storage time.
  • One method of preserving dried cordyceps that many people apply is to pack it tightly in a bag and store it in the refrigerator compartment.
Cordyceps may be stored in glass jars
Cordyceps may be stored in glass jars

Surely you will wonder with dried cordyceps, but in powder form, how to preserve it? Because cordyceps are pulverized into a powder, it is very difficult to preserve, even a little moisture can damage the entire product. The best way to preserve dried powdered cordyceps is to pack them in small aluminum bags. Or each time only grind about 50g of cordyceps into powder, put into glass jars to use. After finishing grinding new powder again.

4. Where to buy dried cordyceps?

Dried cordyceps are currently supplied by many units in the market. However, not every place offers customers quality cordyceps products.

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