It comes Cordyceps TibetIts rarity and value cannot be denied. Cordyceps sinensis is a natural cordyceps with high nutritional content, with many wonderful herbs. Although natural cordyceps is very good, but not everyone understands all the information related to it. In this article, Ganoderma will share to you 5 things to know about natural cordyceps. You follow the article with us offline.

1. How much does natural cordyceps cost?

Natural cordyceps of the best quality, famous in the world originating from Tibet, on the majestic Himalayas.

Currently, to buy 1kg of fresh cordyceps cordyceps originating from the Tibetan Plateau, it costs more than VND 2 billion. With the same cordyceps but as the dried, the price ranges from 1.5 to 2 billion VND.

Natural cordyceps are widely known for their uses for health
Natural cordyceps are widely known for their uses for health  

The price of Tibetan natural cordyceps is even more expensive than gold, silver and gems. However, there must be a new reason why the price of natural cordyceps is so high.

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2. The reasons that natural cordyceps in Tibet are so expensive

Natural cordyceps in Tibet are expensive for many reasons.

  • first

Natural cordyceps only appear in the Tibetan Plateau from an altitude of 4,000 - 5,000m. The place of birth of cordyceps all year round is covered with snow, the day is longer than the night, the day is hot, the night is cold. Perhaps, very few places in the world have a typical climate, so the nature has given this land a "priceless" gift for health.

Cordyceps appears on high mountains
Cordyceps appears on high mountains
  • 2nd

Because cordyceps appears in the rugged mountainous region, it is difficult to travel. People living on the mountain had to work very hard to collect the best quality cordyceps.

  • 3rd

Cordyceps do not appear all year round, because the color they are young larvae are underground. It was not until the summer, when it rained and the climate was warmer, that the parasitic fungus on the caterpillar emerged from the ground. Therefore, in a year, only natural cordyceps can be harvested in late June and early July.

  • 4th

Cordyceps biological environment in the natural environment, much impact from the external environment. At the same time, cordyceps production depends on the number of larvae that are parasitic by the fungus. Therefore, the number of cordyceps per harvest is limited.

  • Thursday

To be able to transport over 80g of natural cordyceps from Tibet to other countries. Sales people need to do a lot of procedures, papers under rigorous process.

The above reasons have made the price of natural cordyceps Tibet expensive. However, the health benefits of cordyceps cannot be compared with any other medicinal herbs.

There are many reasons why natural cordyceps are expensive
There are many reasons why natural cordyceps are expensive

3. How to use natural cordyceps correctly?

Natural cordyceps also have the same uses as artificial cordyceps. Users can use natural cordyceps to:

  • Braking the tea.
  • Soak in warm water and use directly.
  • Processing with dishes.
  • Soak honey.
  • Bird's nest
  • Pickled wine.

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4. Can artificial cordyceps be replaced by natural cordyceps?

Nowadays, natural cordyceps are becoming more expensive, the source is scarce and it is easy to buy the wrong quality goods. In Vietnam, we have successfully researched and applied cordyceps culture model according to industrial model, unlimited production.

Studies also show that Vietnamese cordyceps are similar in quality to natural cordyceps. Therefore, users can safely use Vietnamese cordyceps to nourish and treat the disease without being under heavy economic pressure.

The quality of Vietnamese cordyceps is not inferior to the Tibetan cordyceps
The quality of Vietnamese cordyceps is not inferior to the Tibetan cordyceps

5. Where to buy high quality Vietnamese cordyceps?

On the market today, there are many suppliers of cordyceps in Vietnam. However, not all products meet quality standards.

To buy artificial cordyceps with good quality, has been tested. You can contact us Ganoderma. Cordyceps is grown by our team of experienced engineers. Therefore, medicinal herbs are guaranteed to have the best quality. Not only that, we also provide users with an appropriate price of cordyceps, anyone can use.

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