Use cordyceps is one of the ways to improve health, treat diseases without causing side effects. It is known that on the market today, there are many kinds of cordyceps in other forms such as cordyceps, cordyceps fruit, cordyceps fruit, cordyceps powder, cordyceps tablets, frozen cordyceps water. Own today's article we will share with you 4 things to know about cordyceps whole. You can follow the article to get yourself the most useful information about the product.

1. What is cordyceps sinensis? Ingredients in it

You can understand that cordyceps are the symbiotic fungi living on the trunk of larvae. The reason for the drug's name is cordyceps: the winter fungus will parasitize on the body of the larvae, when the larvae hibernate under loose soil, the mushrooms will absorb all the nutrients of the host (larvae). In the lower color, when the climate is warmer, the fungus will start to grow from the trunk of the caterpillar and rise above the ground.

Cordyceps Cordyceps contains many nutrients
Cordyceps Cordyceps contains many nutrients  

Cordyceps in the whole plant are the ones that still keep the shape after being harvested. Currently, many people prefer to use cordyceps to make sure the ingredients are in it.

Chinese whole body has 2 conditions: fresh and dry. Fresh cordyceps can keep 100% of nutrients and a shelf life of 2 weeks if stored in the cool compartment of the refrigerator. For dried cordyceps, the remaining nutrients are about 90% and the shelf life is 1 year or more.

Ingredients contained in the whole cordyceps include: 17 different amino acids, many vitamins and trace elements and other pharmaceutical ingredients.

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2. Learn about the use of cordyceps sinensis

In ancient times, cordyceps was one of the drugs used by the nobility. Because according to Eastern Medicine, Cordyceps is like a "panacea" that can improve the aging, restore energy, kidney, liver, lung and eliminate "panic".

Cordyceps brings many health benefits
Cordyceps brings many health benefits

Today, scientists and Western medicine have also affirmed that inside cordyceps exists many rare and beneficial groups of health benefits. The effect of cordyceps in the whole is:

  • Whole cordyceps helps reduce the effects of western medicine on the kidneys, detoxifying the body.
  • Protects the kidneys in case of damage due to anemia.
  • Help people with high blood pressure keep blood pressure in a stable state.
  • Protect myocardium, improve blood circulation.
  • Increase the body's immunity.
  • Protect the lungs and assist in the treatment of respiratory diseases.
  • Supporting the treatment of chronic diseases.
  • Slow down the aging process of the body.
  • Improve morale, combat fatigue, stress.
  • Enhances nutrient absorption and digestive function.
  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory.
  • Treatment of physiological weakness in men.

3. How to use cordyceps sinensis brings high efficiency

It can be said that cordyceps is the most processed form of cordyceps. Depending on the needs, preferences of the user that can be processed into: tea, wine soaked, eat directly, pickled honey, cook soup, soup, oat bird's nest - ginseng, pearl ...

There are many ways of processing cordyceps
There are many ways of processing cordyceps

No matter which way you use cordyceps processing, you need to follow these rules:

  • Do not cook, make cordyceps in a pot, kettle, or metal pot as they can produce toxins.
  • Do not cook cordyceps on an open fire for more than 60 minutes.
  • Do not arbitrarily use cordyceps, do not abuse cordyceps too much.
  • Do not use cordyceps that are expired, of unknown origin.

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4. How much is the current price of cordyceps sinensis?

Cordyceps Cordyceps now originated from many places such as Tibet, Thailand, Vietnam ...

Artificial Cordyceps in Vietnam
Artificial Cordyceps in Vietnam

If the cordyceps in the whole Tibetan is priced from 1.5 to 2 billion for the dry type, more than 2 billion for the fresh type. Artificial cordyceps in Vietnam is only about VND 60 - 120 million / kg.

Although the cost between the two types of cordyceps is much different. However, scientists have researched and confirmed that the pharmaceutical content in Vietnamese cordyceps is not inferior to Tibetan cordyceps.

To buy the best quality Vietnamese cordyceps, you can contact the website The team of counselors will help you have more specific information about this medicine.

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